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TrustWallet on Chainstack: Opening the gateway for millions of high-volume interactions

Empowering seamless, reliable crypto transactions with user-focused innovation

Our partnership with Chainstack has been fruitful, improving TrustWallet’s efficiency and user experience during high-volume transactions. Together, we’re driving remarkable advances in decentralized technology.

The TrustWallet Team

As we reflect on our journey at Chainstack, we’re constantly reminded of the partnerships that have significantly shaped our path and catalyzed our growth. One such collaboration that stands out is our work with TrustWallet, a leader in the world of crypto transactions, boasting tens of millions-strong user base and supporting over several million assets across all major and not-so protocols.

Our shared vision and mutual commitment to redefining the crypto experience presented us with a unique challenge – to manage high-volume transactions without compromising the precision, reliability, and security TrustWallet users have come to expect.

In this narrative, we delve deep into our endeavor with TrustWallet, exploring how we tackled the intricate challenges of high-volume crypto transactions while ensuring crystal-clear communication for the users. Discover the architectural nuances, the unwavering commitment, and the innovation that has powered TrustWallet to be a game-changer in the crypto world and how we, at Chainstack, rose to the occasion, fortifying their mission.

What is TrustWallet?

TrustWallet is a powerful and secure platform for conducting crypto transactions, boasting a user base exceeding 60M. From managing multi-chain support and executing crypto transactions to staking, accommodating NFTs, and even fostering a thriving environment for developers, TrustWallet is indeed a virtuoso in the crypto space.

The platform is designed with scalability and performance at its core, crafted to handle high volumes of transactions and users without faltering. This reliability is backed by top-notch security measures, safeguarding users with advanced encryption and comprehensive security protocols.

Taking a deeper look, TrustWallet supports over 4.5M assets and 70 chains, exemplifying its impressive compatibility and interoperability. The platform’s extensive ability to accommodate a wide range of decentralized technologies is no small feat. It speaks not only to TrustWallet’s flexible architecture but also to its dedication to staying one step ahead in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Enabling secure transactions with confidence

In the world of digital currencies, security is paramount. There’s comfort in knowing that your transactions are protected by top-notch security measures, and TrustWallet provides just that. With a user base exceeding tens of millions, TrustWallet is entrusted with a massive undertaking. The platform tackles this with exceptional use of advanced encryption and rigorous security protocols, highlighting its prioritization of user safety.

TrustWallet reassures users with its unwavering commitment to security. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, TrustWallet stands tall as a bastion of reliable crypto transactions. The robust security measures put in place instill confidence in the user and play a significant role in driving the platform’s high user satisfaction score of 4.7 out of 5.0.

This steadfast dedication to security and user experience is a testament to TrustWallet’s role as a leader among crypto wallets, fostering an environment where users can navigate with ease and peace of mind.

Fostering seamless cross-chain interoperability

TrustWallet stands as a testament to seamless blockchain interoperability, managing to support a mind-boggling collection of protocols and assets. The platform’s architecture is not only flexible but also expansive, capable of accommodating a plethora of decentralized technologies. With this kind of scalability, TrustWallet fosters an environment encouraging blockchain diversity and innovation.

Moreover, the capacity to handle a vast range of distinct assets symbolizes TrustWallet’s adaptability to the fast-paced evolution of the crypto landscape. From supporting the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum to integrating less prevailing digital coins and crypto collectibles, TrustWallet ensures that no user is left behind, irrespective of their choice of digital assets.

Figure 1: Some of TrustWallet’s supported assets; Source: TrustWallet

As we advance towards an increasingly decentralized future, platforms like TrustWallet are paving the way with their impressive interoperability and commitment to inclusivity.

Dabbing into staking with TrustWallet

TrustWallet’s staking feature is a testament to its innovative approach and dedication to democratizing participation in blockchain technologies. This feature is a key step in opening up the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to a wider audience.

While staking can typically be a complicated process requiring technical expertise, TrustWallet has changed the game. They’ve transformed this complex operation into a user-friendly experience, allowing everyday users to easily participate. TrustWallet’s mission is to make the blockchain world less intimidating and more accessible to the average person, and staking is a prime example of how they’re achieving this.

By simplifying participation in staking, TrustWallet is enabling users to explore the passive income generation opportunities inherent in DeFi, without the usual complexity. Now, anyone can stake their assets and benefit from the rewards that this advanced blockchain feature offers.

With this initiative, TrustWallet is not just making staking accessible. They’re empowering their users to take a more active role in their financial journey, to grow their wealth in new and exciting ways, and to join the DeFi revolution that is reshaping our understanding of finance.

Figure 2: Staking on TrustWallet; Source: TrustWallet

Embracing NFTs on TrustWallet

In an ever-evolving crypto world, TrustWallet has remained at the forefront of technological progress with its support for NFTs. As distinct digital assets on the blockchain, NFTs have managed to carve out their niche, and platforms like TrustWallet are instrumental in propelling this niche to mainstream attention.

By supporting NFTs, TrustWallet demonstrates its agility in rapidly integrating emerging trends. Each NFT is unique and requires intricate handling of smart contracts, especially for ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. TrustWallet’s ability to manage the complexities of these tokens gives users the convenience to explore and embrace the world of digital collectibles with confidence.

This readiness to adapt and incorporate new advancements reiterates TrustWallet’s burgeoning reputation as a pioneer in the crypto wallet space, guiding its users through the rapidly shifting sands of crypto landscapes.

Figure 3: NFT details on TrustWallet; Source: TrustWallet

Bridging gaps with the DApp browser

TrustWallet’s built-in browser provides a streamlined experience that puts users in the driver’s seat of decentralized technology. By making interactions with smart contracts across numerous chains straightforward, users can delve deeper into the crypto ecosystem without the technical hurdles often associated with such processes.

The browser’s integration within TrustWallet means users can seamlessly engage with any project they want directly from their wallet. This convenience has taken the complexity out of the equation and made DApps more accessible to the everyday user.

This strategy reflects TrustWallet’s steadfast commitment to connecting users with the expansive world of decentralized applications. It’s an approach that democratizes the blockchain experience, making it accessible and practical, regardless of one’s technical background or familiarity with blockchain technology.

Figure 4: TrustWallet DApp browser; Source: TrustWallet

Seamless browser extension connectivity

Decentralized technology thrives on interoperability, and a crucial aspect of this interoperability is being able to connect various platforms seamlessly. TrustWallet understands this, and thus, has developed a browser extension that allows users to interact with their assets more efficiently.

The browser extension enables users to experience the full power of TrustWallet on their web browsers – supporting multiple chains and allowing safe and easy interaction with various blockchains. This shows TrustWallet’s ability to extend its user-friendly design beyond the mobile application, providing users with even more flexibility.

Besides, a browser extension breaks down barriers for users to interact with their assets. It simplifies their journey by integrating numerous decentralized technologies on a familiar platform – their web browsers.

Driving this level of versatility and adaptability, TrustWallet continues to raise the bar for crypto platforms worldwide, reiterating the team’s commitment to providing a seamless crypto experience across multiple platforms.

Figure 5: TrustWallet browser extension; Source: TrustWallet

Empowering developers worldwide

A keen focus on facilitating developer engagement sets TrustWallet apart. With support for over 160K digital coins and an expansive array of assets, TrustWallet proves its mettle not just as a crypto wallet, but as a developer-friendly ecosystem advantageously crafted for a variety of blockchain protocols and standards.

With a comprehensive library of resources, TrustWallet is more than just a platform – it’s a hub for learning and growth. Catering to both new developers and seasoned veterans, TrustWallet provides guidance on everything from simple interactions with smart contracts and Web3 wallets to more complex procedures like developing for mobile platforms using WalletConnect, or their browser extension and listing new digital assets.

TrustWallet proves that it’s not merely a crypto wallet, but a thriving ecosystem contributing to the growth and enhancement of the blockchain developer community. And as the crypto landscape continues to evolve, TrustWallet stays at the forefront, empowering developers with the knowledge they need to grow.

Facilitating interactions with a custom Chainstack gateway

TrustWallet presented us at Chainstack with a unique challenge that required a specialized approach. We were tasked with designing a solution that not only facilitates TrustWallet’s high-rate crypto transactions but also provides clear communication for the wallet’s users.

TrustWallet users demanded a system that reliably conveyed specific responses when handling high volumes of getProgramAccounts requests. They required a dedicated gateway – a solution that does more than just work, but one that provides precise guidance when issues arise.

After diligent work, we developed an innovative solution that delivers an understandable error message if specific request rates are exceeded. The solution guides users on when to reattempt these requests, thereby assuring a smooth transaction experience even in high-volume situations.

By focusing on both technical efficacy and user experience, together our teams were able to transform TrustWallet operations and the way the wallet interacts with decentralized technology.

Resolution summary

  • Creating a dedicated gateway: We developed a dedicated gateway tailored specifically for managing TrustWallet’s getProgramAccounts requests.
  • Managing high-volume requests: Our solution was designed to handle high volumes of requests while maintaining performance and accuracy.
  • Providing clear messaging: When request rates are exceeded, the system sends out specific error messages to inform users about the current situation.
  • Guiding reattempt timings: Along with error messages, our system provides guidance on when users should reattempt their requests, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.
  • Improving user experiences: By focusing on both technical efficiency and user understanding, we were able to transform the way TrustWallet interacts with decentralized technology and significantly improve the wallet’s operations and overall user experience.

Bringing it all together

As we’ve navigated our way through TrustWallet’s journey, it’s clear that there are few platforms that can match what TrustWallet offers. The sheer range of supported assets and blockchains, topping over 4.5M assets and 70 unique protocols, is enough to set it apart. But it’s the heavy emphasis on user experience, the constant integration of advancing trends, the dedication to creating a developer-friendly environment, and the unwavering commitment to security that truly defines TrustWallet.

Through its diverse range of features, TrustWallet has redefined what’s possible for a crypto wallet platform. Staking, NFT support, high-performance Web3 browser, secure crypto transactions – all these features and much more collectively testify to TrustWallet’s status as a powerhouse in the blockchain industry.

Beyond the impressively expansive features, what really makes TrustWallet a champion is its readiness to adapt, evolve, and grow. Faced with a demanding crypto landscape, TrustWallet has always risen to the task—proving time and again that it can handle high stakes with ease, grace, and impressive reliability.

As we advance forward, TrustWallet continues to blaze a trail in the crypto world, expanding possibilities, breaking down barriers, and creating a thriving ecosystem for millions to safely and smoothly navigate the intriguing world of blockchain technology.

Remember, there is one name that stands firm in the face of constant evolution – TrustWallet, a pioneer that continues to drive innovation in the world of crypto transactions.

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