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Tired of hidden costs and confusing pricing? Switch to Chainstack today.

Discover how you can save thousands in infra costs every month with our transparent pricing coupled with unbound performance & unlimited flexibility.

Here’s an example of how it works

Our method-agnostic pricing ensures you don’t pay an arm and a leg when you start sending Debug & Trace requests. Just sayin’.


# of method calls







30 million

30 million Requests

300 million Compute Units


1 million

1 million Requests

500 million Compute Units


1 million

1 million Requests

2,983 million Compute Units

Base Usage (included in plan)

20 million Requests

400 million Compute Units

Overage (based on above example)

12 million Requests

3,383 million Compute Units

Subscription Plan Price



Overage Charges

$10 / extra million Requests

$1.2 / extra million Compute Units

You pay


$4,109 🤯

Don't believe a word?

Use the pricing calculator to get your monthly cost and compare Chainstack to the other providers

See how our prices compare

Start by indicating your monthly request volumes, and we’ll recommend the best value plans available on each platform.

Monthly requests 1,000,000
1M 100M 200M 300M 400M 500M
Total cost per month
Best value plan
Monthly subscription fee
Usage and additional fee
eth_call, full
request units
Compute Units

Unbeatable pricing. Unbound performance. Unlimited flexibility.

At a glance: Why switch to Chainstack

Unbeatable pricing

Transparent pricing and predictable costs

With Chainstack, every API call to your RPC node is always billed as 1 request irrespective of the method or computation resources so you can rest assured with simple and predictable billing every month.

Unbound performance

No request limits. No rate throttling.

All our plans come bundled with class-leading monthly request volumes and absolutely no limits on the number or type of requests you can use every day.

Unlimited flexibility

In a location and a cloud of your choice

Pin-point your nodes’ hosting location—from US West all the way to Tokyo—and choose to deploy on a cloud of your choice, including our all-powerful and custom-built for Web3: Chainstack Cloud.

Multi-chain by design

Build on more than 24 blockchains

Build atop on any of our ever-expanding list of supported chains and never worry about updates or changes to the protocol ever again.

Not just RPC nodes, man!

Build on the most complete Web3 development platform

Take advantage of our suite of fully integrated developer tools to add custom functionality to your apps. From our powerful Subgraphs to robust IPFS storage and data-indexing solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Expansive partner network

Amplify your app’s user experience with our Marketplace.

Extend your app with third-party add-ons from our Marketplace, add custom functionality, and accelerate your development process. With Chainstack partner network, you’ve got friends in all the right places.

Web3-first payment flexibility

Pay with crypto on all our plans

Top up your Chainstack account balance with your favorite coins and use it towards your subscription and node usage costs.

Never wait on anyone again

Support starts at just $49 a month

Get the help you need every single time. At Chainstack, dedicated support is available across the board starting with our Growth plan.


  1. Calculations provided by Chainstack are designed to assist customers in comparing the prices of services offered by various Web3 infrastructure providers, including our company and competitors. Provided calculations are based on publicly available data and may not always be comprehensive or up-to-date. Prices and offerings from different providers can change over time and may vary based on location, service level, and other factors.
  2. By using the pricing comparison widget, users acknowledge and agree that the tool is provided on an “as is” basis without any warranties or representations of any kind. Chainstack reserves the right to modify or discontinue the tool at any time without notice.
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