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Developer    Valha

Core APIs included, all chains included, 50K Compute Units included


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Valha builds and maintains DeFi APIs for developers.

It enables investment platforms, wallets or dapps to integrate DeFi protocols in their interfaces (investment opportunities for end-users) and systems (internal DeFi interactions).

Valha maintains a RESTful API for standardised interaction commands with DeFi protocols: deposit, redeem, stake, unstake, claim.
It also supports APIs for pool-level (performance, tvl, liquidity, share price) and position-level (pool position, staked position, accrued rewards) data.

As of today, it supports 20 DeFi protocols on 5 EVM chains covering a majority of DeFi verticals: Lending, Liquid staking, AMM LPs, Bridge LPs and Yield Aggregation

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