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Valha enables developers to integrate with DeFi protocols easily thanks to its high-level APIs (on-chain or off-chain).

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Valha is a DeFi abstraction layer for developers.

It enables Web3 dApps, wallets and investment platforms to integrate DeFi protocols into their interfaces and to offer investment opportunities to their end users.

Valha maintains a RESTful API for standardised interaction commands with underlying DeFi protocols (deposit, redeem, stake, unstake, claim). It covers 25 DeFi protocols on 7 chains and every DeFi verticals including lending, liquid staking, DEX lps and yield aggregation.

It also supports an API for general (APY, TVL, Rewards, SharePrice) and position-specific data (accrued rewards, staked position).

Also, Valha develops a set of smart contracts to execute batch transactions (zap-in, zap-out) and enable client companies to monetise features by setting up transaction fees on top of integrations.

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