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SolanaFM provides equitable access to Solana’s full historical data through efficient and dynamic APIs, powering Solana ecosystem, showcasing on-chain data & analysis.

SolanaFM’s infrastructure enables you to query data beyond the limits, easily supporting queries beyond 20 TB.

A majority of SolanaFM’s functionality is built using GraphQL. As a developer, you have the autonomy to explore, build & manipulate the data as desired.

Using SolanaFM:

  • Query your favourite dApps and correlate it to its price action.
  • Query the health of Solana’s network (TPS, block production, active accounts).
  • Building charts & analytics with SolanaFM.
  • Query raw information of dApps within Solana ranging form Defi to NFTs for analysis or research.
  • Use raw data to develop & build new platforms, sharing those insights with your audience.

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