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Pocket Network is a decentralized infrastructure API built for Web3 apps and coordinated by a trustless protocol.

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Pocket Network is a decentralized infrastructure API built for Web3 apps. Being protocol-agnostic in design and initially providing integration with Ethereum, it brings an additional level of resilience and trust for dApp builders and Ethereum data consumers.

It works as a relay network for API requests to major blockchains, backed up by a crypto-economic model that keep costs for developers short while passing the value directly on to the full-node operators with native cryptographic tokens POKT.

Pocket Node runners on Chainstack can earn revenue from their Ethereum infrastructure while contributing to Web3 decentralization. With Chainstack setup they don’t have to keep in mind compute and storage requirements or monitoring their node since we keep an eye on it.

Send us a request to provision a Pocket Network node connected to the Ethereum node in your Chainstack organization, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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