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AllianceBlock seamlessly brings DeFi and TradFi together. Building the future of finance.

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AllianceBlock is bridging the gap between decentralized and traditional finance by remedying issues that exist in both spheres and linking them more closely together. They see the future of finance as an integrated system in which the best of both worlds can work together to increase capital flows and technological innovation.

By bridging traditional finance with compliant, data-driven access to new decentralized markets, DeFi projects, and ecosystem-scaling tools such as funding and interoperability, they are building a next-generation financial infrastructure that aims to provide regulated financial entities around the world with the tools they need to seamlessly access the DeFi space.

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Nexera ID is a programmable smart wallet that gives you full custody of your digital assets and identity, balancing privacy and versatility. Nexera ID is a next-generation digital wallet designed to securely store your digital assets and identity. Set up rules for actions in the wallet, as well as for recovery. Multi-factor security and zero-knowledge proofs protect your wallet and your privacy. Developers can easily integrate the SDK and enable these features in their dApps.

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