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Easy access to Bitcoin network with Chainstack

TL;DR: We are happy to welcome Bitcoin as the latest addition to Chainstack’s multi-protocol line-up. Developers can now make unlimited requests to free gateways to the Bitcoin network via shared Chainstack nodes.

Applications looking for a large-scale performance can instantly deploy their own dedicated nodes through Chainstack in their cloud and region of choice, and make high-volume, high-velocity requests to the nodes. All while managing and monitoring infrastructure through an intuitive interface.

Forget about infrastructure

We believe that application developers need not worry about the infrastructure that their platforms are built on. If what you are building needs to read from and write to the Bitcoin network, you shouldn’t have to think about the layer that provides this access. Chainstack ensures maximum uptime of your nodes and handles all the maintenance needs so you can spend more time building.

Our efforts have been spent crafting a platform that abstracts away the complications of infrastructure management. Our customers—who have been deploying blockchain infrastructure with us since launch—love the Chainstack interface. We want to continue this trend with our support for Bitcoin nodes, performing complex orchestration under the hood so you don’t need to think about it.

Something for everyone

We know every application developer operates on a different scale and has different needs. That’s why we choose to offer the option of both shared and dedicated nodes. Shared nodes are completely free to run on Chainstack, providing private, protected endpoints that you can access and make unlimited requests to. We aim to maintain a degree of decentralization in the network by distributing these nodes across cloud providers and regions, passing the final choice to our users.

If you require the scale and performance that comes with a node running entirely for your own use, you can deploy dedicated nodes through Chainstack into your cloud and region of choice. This means you can spin up as many full Bitcoin nodes as you need, when you need them, wherever you need them. 

Painless synchronization

Our experience working with Ethereum introduced us to the frustrations of node synchronization. The time taken to sync the full ledger can easily take several days to a week. This encouraged us to build a snapshotting and synchronization tool to deploy >300GB dedicated Ethereum nodes for our customers in minutes. These nodes are just a few blocks out of sync when they start up and catch up with the tip of the chain very quickly.

This technology, which we’ve named Bolt, has also been applied to our new Bitcoin nodes. With Bolt, we can sync a full Bitcoin node in significantly less time, removing the pain that often comes with synchronization issues and waiting times.   

What’s next?

This methodology that we’ve applied to solve synchronization issues in Ethereum, and now Bitcoin, permeates what we do at Chainstack. We hope to discover many more frustrations that people have with connecting to and interacting with blockchain networks so that we can continue creating solutions to alleviate that pain. And you can continue doing your thing—building applications for the trustless networks of the future.

Try it out today. You can sign up for a free Developer plan at console.chainstack.com or learn more on our docs site.

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