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Chainstack introduces Optimism support

The Chainstack team is excited to announce the integration of the Optimism protocol onto our platform, adding it to our list of supported chains. This provides you the opportunity to launch an Optimism node on any of our subscription plans.

The integration makes it easier to build and scale DApps with our dependable, enterprise-grade infrastructure, allowing you to focus more on creating value for your web3 projects and less on managing nodes.

What is Optimism?

The Optimism protocol is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that aims to increase the network’s transaction speed and reduce its costs. It uses a system of smart contracts and off-chain transactions to increase the efficiency of the Ethereum network.

Building on Optimism

Optimistic rollups, which the Optimism network runs on is a scaling solution for Ethereum that enables the execution of transactions off-chain while still leveraging the security of the Ethereum network. It involves using a smart contract on Ethereum as a coordinator to batch and verify transactions before committing them to the Ethereum blockchain.

This reduces the load on the Ethereum network and enables faster, cheaper transactions. The security of the transactions is ensured through fraud proofs, which allow for any malicious activity to be detected and rolled back.

Optimism smart contracts

As a true optimist, Optimism takes everything about Ethereum and turbocharges it. Ethereum tooling is seamless at all levels of the stack. Transactions are inexpensive and almost instantaneous, so what’s not to love about Optimism?

As few lines of code as possible separate Optimism from Ethereum’s battle-tested infrastructure, ensuring streamlined compatibility every step of the way. Therefore, all Ethereum tools and apps will work out of the box and the same goes for your Ethereum-native expertise.

Users can send arbitrary messages between smart contracts on Optimism and Ethereum with the help of Optimism too. The exact mechanism through which this communication occurs varies depending on the direction in which messages are being sent.

Optimism under the hood

A state commitment is published into Ethereum as part of an Optimistic rollup without any proof that these commitments are valid. Rather than being considered pending, these commitments remain pending for a period of time (referred to as the challenge window). The state commitment becomes final once it has gone unchallenged for the duration of the challenge window (which currently lasts seven days).

The Ethereum platform accepts withdrawal proofs regarding the state of Optimism based on a commitment that has been confirmed as final, and smart contracts can safely accept withdrawal proofs regarding that commitment.

In the event that a state commitment is challenged, a fault proof process (formerly referred to as a fraud proof) may be used to invalidate it. A successful challenge of a commitment will result in its removal from the StateCommitmentChain, which will eventually be replaced by a new one. Should Optimism be successfully challenged, the published commitments about the chain will be rolled back rather than the Optimism chain itself.

How to use Optimism on Chainstack

Getting started with Optimism on the Chainstack platform is a quick and easy process. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Open the Chainstack console and log into it
  2. Select a cloud service provider that is suitable for your needs
  3. Select a location with low latency for your Optimism node to be deployed at

There are a number of advantages to deploying Optimism nodes with the Chainstack platform, but perhaps the best of all is having everything available in a single consolidated dashboard. This makes managing nodes both easy and efficient – a real walk in the park!

The time to claim your rightful place as one of Optimism’s early adopters has come! Start making the most of all the benefits the protocol offers and complement your web3 project with outstanding infrastructure from Chainstack, designed for innovative projects.


With Chainstack, you can now achieve maximum efficiency while lowering your overhead costs as you manage Optimism nodes, thanks to our robust RPC infrastructure and best-in-class engineering. You, on the other hand, can benefit from commitments that are as flexible as they are affordable—a match made in heaven for your project needs and budget.

Take advantage of the powerful feature set that Optimism offers with a commitment-free Developer plan introduction rate for full elastic nodes. Make the most of up to 3M complimentary requests that come with this subscription.

Looking for more than just the basics? Worry not, for all of Chainstack’s subscription plans are custom-tailored to do just that. So, go out there and deploy Optimism in a way that is as adaptable as it is price-competitive, regardless of the size or stage of your project.

Because of this, you will be pleasantly surprised to uncover that by opting for the Growth plan, you will be met with 20M or roughly seven times more requests at your disposal. The Business plan, on the other hand, will grant you even more—140M, or close to a whopping 50x extra requests with zero limits for such made to dedicated nodes.

And when your request count reaches its limit, you can simply claim more at the affordable rate of $10 per 1M for the first 20M requests and then half this price at $5 per 1M requests for those above the first 20M. For those without a background in math or accounting, you can try out our pricing calculator here.

A supercharged Ethereum experience on L2

As part of Chainstack’s commitment to bringing optimal value to its users, we make sure to bring optimal support for each new protocol we add to our family, and Optimism was an obvious choice. With the protocol’s exceptional L2 scaling feature set and swift transaction processing, you are bound to discover and apply fresh new opportunities to make your DApp run even smoother. And with this new tool, made available at your disposal, we are pleased to place another block in the journey towards creating a better experience for web3 developers across the world.

The scalability trilemma is quite the hot topic in web3 and having a solution for it, coming out from core Ethereum developers directly is a surefire way to make some heads turn. Pairing it with the same familiar Ethereum-native developer experience everyone knows and loves is just the icing on the cake.

Eugene Aseev, Founder and CTO of Chainstack

As a result of the release of Optimism on Chainstack, it is now easier than ever to take advantage of the protocol’s exceptional performance, with our reliable RPC infrastructure as the foundation. In turn, this makes building and scaling DApps of any size and stage for web3 developers like yourself a much more Optimistic experience.

Power-boost your project on Chainstack

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