What’s in a partnership?

Our partners rely on the Chainstack platform so that they can test, simplify and accelerate blockchain deployments for their customers.

Beyond that, partners use Chainstack to provide a breadth of services such as interoperability, security, and analytics across their entire range of blockchain deployments, all in a transparent, cost-effective, and an easy to use manner.

Hear from our partners

Jang Thye Cheng

Chief Architect
“Chainstack is the fastest way to deploy blockchains in multi-cloud and multi-protocol environments. It empowers Fujitsu to rapidly build, deploy, and manage innovative solutions using blockchains.”

Benjamin Bertelsen

Blockchain Consultant
“We used Chainstack for a PoC and it worked smoothly.”

Akihiko Katayama

“Chainstack is quite innovative in its vision about how the enterprise will use blockchain going forward. Being multi-cloud and multi-protocol will give Fortune 500 and their partners the single panel they need to manage frequent and large blockchain deployments in heterogeneous environments.”
The Chainstack way

Deploy blockchains for your customers. Faster.

Looking at building production-grade blockchain solutions? You can either reinvent the wheel by building protocol configurations from scratch. Or you could use Chainstack to help your customers go to market in minutes.

Case study
A leading system integrator with a strong roster of services currently serves many enterprises in Asia.

Since inception, the system integrator has grown from strength to strength securing clients across a diverse set of industries, namely, supply chain, logistics, transport, manufacturing, healthcare, and pharma. In a highly competitive industry, its solutions and client relationships have stood the test of time.

Thanks to Chainstack, they have now been able to take a giant leap in offering blockchain-powered enterprise solutions to their clients. This makes them one among a handful of system integrators and technology consulting companies with the ability to address client needs ranging from traditional client-server to permissioned, decentralized platforms.

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Types of partnerships
You advise your clients on the future of digital transformation, and you believe blockchain is a natural extension to your set of services.
System integrator
System integrator
You build cutting-edge custom blockchain-based integrated solutions for your enterprise clients. You see decentralization as a way to differentiate and add value.
Service provider
Service provider
You provide and maintain private and hybrid enterprise infrastructure to help clients achieve operational and cost efficiencies. Blockchain will be part of your stack soon.
ISV & DApp developer
ISV & DApp developer
You build full-fledged decentralized networks or apps on top of existing blockchain networks. For you, flexibility and scalability are key.
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