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Exploring the new Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

Imagine having the power to retrieve complex blockchain data without the need for advanced technical skills or extensive knowledge of blockchain protocols. Imagine being able to simply ask a question in natural language and quickly obtain the answer directly from the blockchain.

This was once a dream, but our team has turned it into a reality with the launch of our outstanding Chainstack ChatGPT plugin.

What is the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin?

The Chainstack ChatGPT plugin is a pioneering application that simplifies access to complex blockchain data. It allows users to retrieve intricate data forms from the blockchain through natural language commands, which breaks the usual barriers of specialized language and technical knowledge traditionally required to interact with the blockchain.

Incorporating GPT-4, the artificial intelligence-powered language model developed by OpenAI, our plugin leverages its capabilities to understand and interpret user queries, transforming them into blockchain-readable commands for seamless and efficient data access.

Why use the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin?

Blockchain data retrieval has traditionally been a difficult and complex process that demanded extensive technical expertise. With the release of the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin, we have significantly simplified this process by enabling the retrieval of complex data through simple commands. Not only does this save time and effort, but it also opens up the blockchain world to a wider group of users.

The Chainstack ChatGPT plugin offers a broad range of functionalities that make interacting with the blockchain much simpler. Here’s an overview of its core functionalities:

  1. Fetching latest block number: You can retrieve the latest block number from a specified blockchain.
  2. Checking account balance: You can get the balance of a given account on a specified blockchain.
  3. Fetching base gas fee: This allows you to get the base gas fee from an EVM chain, which is useful for estimating transaction costs.
  4. Web data scraping: The plugin can scrape Chainstack documentation for information related to platform introduction, Ethereum development tools, blockchain development guides, and more.
  5. Blockchain calls: You can make specific method calls on a chosen blockchain protocol. This includes retrieving block details, transaction counts, gas prices, and more.
  6. Hexadecimal <=> decimal conversion: Convert hexadecimal values to their decimal equivalents and vice-versa.
  7. Wei to ether conversion: Convert values in wei (the smallest unit of ether) to ether.
  8. ENS Name Resolution: Resolve an ENS name, like username.eth, to its corresponding Ethereum address.
  9. Fetching token balances: Retrieve token balances for a given chain name and wallet address.
  10. Fetching NFTs: Retrieve all NFTs associated with a given chain name and wallet address.
  11. Fetching single NFT details: Retrieve details of a single NFT for a given chain name, contract address, and token ID.
  12. Transaction summary: Get a summary of transactions, including the earliest and latest transactions, for a given chain name and wallet address.

Let’s delve deeper into some of them in the following sections.

Fetching block numbers and account balances

Imagine wanting to know the balance of a specific Ethereum account. Traditional methods would involve directly querying the blockchain and parsing through structured responses—often coded hexadecimal strings. But with the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin, this simplifies to a command as easy as “Fetch the balance of account X on Ethereum.” And the same goes for the latest block number!

The way this process works is that the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin interprets the user’s natural language query, translates it into an action that the Ethereum blockchain can understand, extracts the information, and then presents it in an easily understandable format.

Figure 1: Fetching ENS address balance with the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

Delving into transaction hash details

On the surface, a transaction hash might appear to be a long, complicated string of numbers and letters. However, it contains essential information about the transaction it represents. Extracting this data traditionally requires understanding and navigation through complex codes.

The Chainstack ChatGPT plugin simplifies this. The plugin can delve into detailed data about a specific transaction hash and return it in a digestible format, positioning it as a powerful tool for blockchain analysis.

Be it the time at which a transaction was confirmed, the number of confirmations it has received, or the fee paid for the transaction, the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin retrieves all this and more—all through simple natural language commands.

Figure 2: Fetching transaction hash details with the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

Baseline gas fee retrieval and web data scraping

Blockchain transactions aren’t cost-free. They require gas fees, and estimating these costs is made feasible with the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin’s ability to retrieve the baseline gas fee from an EVM chain.

Not just that, it can also scrape the web for data. From extracting valuable insights from Chainstack’s documentation to acquiring data on protocols, development tools, and more, its capabilities are staggering.

Figure 3: Fetching documentation entries with the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

Specific blockchain protocol calls and data conversions

Blockchain protocol interactions are no longer an uphill task. With the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin, users can easily fetch block details, transaction counts, gas prices, and much more with specific method calls.

In addition, the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin is designed to facilitate and simplify navigations through different data formats in the blockchain space. Converting hexadecimal values to their decimal equivalents or converting values in wei to ether has never been more user-friendly.

Figure 4: Fetching details of the latest Goerli block with the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

Exploring tokens and NFTs

Transcending the realms of conventional data, the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin emerges as a potent tool for exploring digital assets, specifically tokens, and NFTs. Our plugin can extract information related to tokens linked to a specific address, highlighting its adaptability in examining various facets of blockchain data.

More impressively, Chainstack ChatGPT simplifies the complex world of NFTs. It can retrieve comprehensive data about all NFTs associated with a given chain name and wallet address, effectively streamlining the management and exploration of NFT collections.

Figure 5: Fetching number of NFTs owned by an address with the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

How to install the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin?

  1. Open ChatGPT.
  2. Go to the plugins section.
  3. Search for “Chainstack” in the available plugins list.
  4. Click on the “Install” button.
  5. Start a new GPT-4 chat with the plugin enabled.
Figure 6: Installing the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin

Feature highlights

  • Simplified blockchain data retrieval: The Chainstack ChatGPT plugin allows users to easily access complex blockchain data without the need for advanced technical skills. By using natural language commands, users can retrieve intricate data forms from the blockchain, breaking down traditional barriers.
  • Integration with GPT-4: The plugin incorporates OpenAI’s GPT-4, an advanced artificial intelligence-powered language model. This ensures accurate understanding and interpretation of user queries, transforming them into blockchain-readable commands.
  • Broad range of functionalities: The plugin offers a plethora of functionalities, including:
    • Fetching latest block number: Get the most recent block number from a specified blockchain.
    • Checking account balances: Determine the balance of a specific account on a chosen blockchain.
    • Gas fee estimation: Fetch the base gas fee from an EVM chain, aiding in transaction cost estimation.
    • Web data scraping: Extract information from Chainstack documentation, including platform details, Ethereum development tools, and blockchain development guides.
    • Blockchain calls: Execute specific method calls on a chosen blockchain protocol, such as retrieving block details and transaction counts.
    • Data conversions: Easily convert between hexadecimal and decimal values, as well as convert wei values to ether.
    • ENS name resolution: Resolve ENS names to their corresponding Ethereum addresses.
    • Token and NFT exploration: Retrieve token balances, explore all NFTs associated with a specific chain name and wallet address, and get details of individual NFTs.
    • Transaction summaries: Obtain a comprehensive summary of transactions for a given chain name and wallet address.

Bringing it all together

As we reach the end of this blog post, it is apparent that the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin serves as an exceptional way of simplifying on-chain interactions and data retrieval. The plugin demonstrates the potential of uniting artificial intelligence and decentralized technology, offering a unique solution that makes blockchain engaging, accessible, and user-friendly.

Whether it’s fetching basic information such as account balances and block numbers, extracting data from Chainstack documentation, converting hexadecimal values to decimals, or performing a deep analysis of transaction histories, the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin stands as an outstanding tool in the toolbox of any Web3 developer.

For those managing NFT collections or looking to delve into the world of tokens, the plugin presents a user-friendly interface, drastically simplifying the complexities typically associated with such tasks. Harnessing the tremendous power of natural language allows the plugin to bridge the gap between the intricate world of blockchain and users, inviting everyone to the open discussion table, no matter their technical expertise level.

In a world where the only constant is change, the Chainstack ChatGPT plugin stands as a vivid reminder of how human-centric technology can be, and how our language can be the key to unlocking marvels in the world of data. As a result of this, we must keep embracing change, welcome new technological enhancements, and always be ready to explore new frontiers that these tools open up.

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