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Introducing Archive request support with Debug & Trace for Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes

We are thrilled to announce that Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes now support Archive Node requests with Debug & Trace, offering developers unparalleled access to historical blockchain data. This enhancement empowers you to explore the entire history of any blockchain, enabling richer insights and more robust applications.

At the core of this update is our globally distributed, geo-load-balanced Elastic infrastructure, which has been optimized to handle the increased demands of Archive Nodes. This means you can access historical data with the same speed, reliability, and responsiveness you’ve come to expect from Chainstack.

Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes so far

Let’s take a closer look at the statistics. Since their launch in late June last year, Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes have been delivering exceptional performance. In a mere two months, our Global Elastic Nodes managed to handle an impressive volume of requests, reaching tens of billions monthly.

And sure, billions of requests does sound impressive, but what does it really mean in practical terms?

Until now, Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes have successfully managed billions of such requests with an outstanding 99.9% uptime and exceptional 25,000+ RPS recorded. Currently, GENs account for over 40% of our total elastic nodes request usage, and we anticipate this figure to rise. This trend underscores the growing preference for Global Elastic Nodes among developers, reflecting their significant reliance on this technology within the Web3 community.

These figures aren’t just for show; they indicate the tangible impact that Global Elastic Nodes are having on the blockchain ecosystem. They highlight the ease, stability, and reassurance these advanced decentralized technologies bring to the Web3 developer community.

For both experienced developers and newcomers alike, Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes guarantee superior performance, ensuring that everyone involved in blockchain development has access to the best tools for the job.

Unlocking the power of Archive Nodes with Debug & Trace

Archive nodes provide access to the entire history of a blockchain, including all transactions and state changes. This is invaluable for developers who need to analyze historical data, verify past transactions, or build applications that require a complete view of the blockchain.

Building on top of this robust foundation, Debug & Trace APIs provide Web3 developers tools to observe, track, and debug operations within blockchain networks. These APIs deliver insights into transactions, block activities, and smart contracts’ execution, simplifying the process of pinpointing and fixing problems in decentralized applications.

With the addition of Archive Node support with Debug & Trace, our Elastic architecture adapts to the increased data demands, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for users and developers alike.

The result? You can now access historical blockchain data with lightning-fast responses and near-zero latency, all while enjoying the robustness and security of our award-winning elastic infrastructure.

Archive requests with Debug & Trace for Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes are now available for the following Mainnets at launch day:

Additionally, these requests will also support these Sepolia testnets with more coming soon:

  • Arbitrum
  • Base
  • Optimism
  • Ronin
  • Starknet
  • zkSync

Update: Archive requests with Debug & Trace for Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes are now available on Solana as of 25/04/2024.

Elevating your Web3 experience

Our globally distributed elastic infrastructure has been designed to handle the most demanding workloads, and the addition of archive node support is no exception. By intelligently distributing traffic across multiple locations, Global Elastic Nodes minimize disconnections and maximize performance, delivering a reliable Web3 API for your global blockchain enterprise.

We have also supercharged scalability, ensuring our Elastic infrastructure can handle the increased demands of archive nodes. Our award-winning geo-load-balanced architecture has been proven to manage tens of thousands of simultaneous requests per second, ensuring smooth performance on a global scale. With exceptional fault tolerance, our globally-distributed nodes detect disruptions and reroute traffic ensuring uninterrupted access to historical blockchain data.

And, of course, security remains a top priority. Our Elastic infrastructure offers robust protection against DDoS attacks and ensures secure, encrypted interactions. Chainstack Elastic Nodes with archive support safeguard your Web3 experiences, making them faster, smoother, and more reliable in the ever-evolving world of decentralized technology.

Feature highlights

  • Complete blockchain history: Access the entire history of any network, including all transactions and state changes.
  • Powerful auditing API: Track and replay blockchain interactions with extensive Debug & Trace tools.
  • Geo-load-balancing: Route requests to the nearest server based on users’ geographic locations, reducing latency and improving performance.
  • Adaptive routing: Adapt to changing network conditions and manage traffic effectively, ensuring optimal service delivery.
  • Exceptional scalability: Handle high demand with ease, accommodating growth without compromising performance.
  • Persistent fault tolerance: Deliver consistent service by detecting issues and redirecting traffic away from problematic locations with zero interruption.
  • Robust security: Protect your operations from malicious actors and DDoS attacks while ensuring secure and encrypted interactions.

Bringing it all together

With Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes now supporting archive requests, you have the tools you need to build high-performance DApps that scale, catering to users who demand the very best. Harness the power of our globally distributed load-balancer service to access historical blockchain data with speed, reliability, and security.

Join us in shaping the future of Web3—your turn to BUIDL high-performance DApps that scale, catering to those who demand the very best. Chainstack’s elastic infrastructure with full support for archive node requests is here to help you succeed in your quest.

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