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Amoy Faucet: Get free Amoy testnet MATIC

Introducing the Amoy MATIC faucet: Your portal to testnet MATIC.

Navigating the realms of Web3 development requires access to testnet tokens for experimenting with smart contracts, building decentralized applications, or refining blockchain solutions. Understanding these needs, we’ve launched the Amoy MATIC faucet, crafted specifically for Web3 developers.

How to use the Amoy faucet

Once you’ve registered and set up an API key on the Chainstack console, you can claim up to 1 Amoy MATIC every 24 hours. This MATIC is essential for sending transactions on the Amoy testnet, deploying your smart contracts, and testing functionalities before moving to the mainnet, which uses real funds.

Why do I need Mainnet ETH to request funds from the faucet?

Our faucet mandates holding a small amount of ETH in your mainnet wallet to use it. This requirement helps ensure fair usage and prevent abuse of the faucet.

Why the delay in receiving tokens?

Receiving your tokens is typically quick, but network congestion might cause delays. If your tokens don’t arrive within 15 minutes, please contact us on Telegram or Discord.

I get an error saying “The user can only receive funds every 24 hours.”

To ensure fair distribution, we limit requests to a maximum of 1 Amoy testnet MATIC per day.

I get an error saying “Something went wrong. Check credentials and try again.”

This could be due to an incorrect API key or wallet address. Verify your details, refresh the page, and try again.

To generate your API key, sign up via the Chainstack console. Learn how to generate your API key by visiting our documentation then request Amoy MATIC from the faucet.

If your API key and wallet address are correct and you still face issues, contact us on Telegram or Discord for assistance.

Need help using the faucet?

Reach out via Telegram or Discord, and our team will assist you in acquiring testnet tokens.

Now that I have my funds, what shall I do next?

Share details about the DApp you are building and tag our @ChainstackHQ Twitter account. We’re eager to hear about your projects.

I want the best Polygon nodes

Sign up on Chainstack to deploy a node for free. We support over 20 different blockchains and provide extensive developer tools.

What is Chainstack?

Chainstack offers a comprehensive Web3 development stack, providing every protocol, API, and tool needed to scale any DApp.

Where can I learn to build DApps?

Our Web3 documentation is the perfect starting point. It includes everything from smart contract tutorials to APIs and recipes. Here’s a quick glossary to get you started:

What is a faucet?

A faucet is a developer tool that provides testnet tokens for testing smart contracts or DApp interactions on test networks. Our Chainstack faucet supplies you with Amoy testnet MATIC for testing your smart contracts before production.

What is the Amoy testnet?

Amoy is a public Polygon testnet, designed for testing decentralized applications, smart contracts, and other EVM functionalities.

What does ‘drip’ mean in the context of Web3 faucets?

In faucet terminology, a drip is the amount of testnet tokens received daily. For our faucet, it’s up to 1 Amoy Testnet MATIC per day.

What are Amoy testnet MATIC tokens?

Amoy testnet MATIC tokens are used as gas fee tokens on the Amoy testnet. While these tokens hold no real monetary value, they are crucial for deploying and interacting with smart contracts on the testnet.

Have more questions?

Join our Telegram or Discord communities to speak directly with our team members.

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