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Tag: zkEVM


Chainstack introduces Scroll support

Unlock exceptional scalability on Ethereum with zkEVM-based zkRollup Scroll, boosting transaction throughput and reducing overhead costs.

Petar Stoykov
August 24, 2023


Chainstack introduces zkSync Era∎ support

Build and scale high-performance, large-scale DApps with EVM-compatible zkSync Era—a L2 protocol using ZK proofs for optimal cost efficiency.

Petar Stoykov
July 18, 2023


Chainstack introduces Oasis Sapphire support

Develop secure, privacy-enabled DApps on a Layer 1 PoS smart contract platform designed for scalability, extensibility, and confidentiality.

Zachary Trudeau
March 19, 2023


zkEVM and zkRollups Explained

zkEVMs are an attempt to overcome the complexity of implementing an EVM-compatible zk-rollup to ease the integration with current EVM tools and opcodes along with the knowledge derived from it.

Bastian Simpertigue
November 3, 2022