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Chainstack introduces Scroll support

At Chainstack, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We continuously strive to provide our users with robust and scalable solutions to support the development and management of their blockchain projects. In line with this commitment, we’re thrilled to announce the newest addition to our ecosystem—Scroll.

Scroll is a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum. It promises to bring native compatibility for existing Ethereum applications and tools to the next level. Scroll uses the Ethereum base layer for posting succinct proofs of correctness on-chain after conducting transactions off-chain. This significantly enhances throughput, reduces costs, and makes Scroll an exciting asset in our arsenal.

Now, let’s delve deeper into what Scroll is and explore its capabilities and potential. We are excited to share how this original product can redefine the way you approach blockchain and Ethereum applications.

Our integration with Chainstack mirrors Scroll’s vision to revolutionize Ethereum applications by enhancing speed, reducing costs, and ensuring seamless EVM compatibility. As we fuse our unique off-chain operations model with Chainstack’s robust infrastructure, we’re geared up to redefine blockchain’s future. Together, we’re pushing the boundaries of blockchain to make it more secure, efficient, and accessible to all.

The Scroll Team

What is Scroll?

Scroll is a remarkable zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum, which is primarily designed to enhance the compatibility of existing Ethereum applications and tools.

One of its fundamental principles is expandability. Scroll conducts transactions off-chain and subsequently posts succinct proofs of validity on-chain. This unique feature significantly increases throughput and reduces costs as opposed to the Ethereum base layer. If you are familiar with Ethereum, you will find developing on Scroll strikingly familiar since it mirrors Ethereum in functionality. Furthermore, any smart contract that falls in the realm of EVM compatibility can be smoothly deployed on the Scroll network.

Putting a high premium on transparency and security, Scroll’s protocol is currently undergoing multiple third-party audits. The intention lies in bringing exposure to the protocol’s strengths and vulnerabilities if any, thereby reassuring the user community of its robustness.

Scroll isn’t merely a protocol; it constitutes its own Layer 2 network, built on Ethereum, more precisely, a zero-knowledge rollup. It is designed diligently to bring interoperability with EVM bytecode and simulates the experience of developing on Ethereum. Therefore, for those skilled at developing on Ethereum, your existing code, dependencies, and tools are instantly compatible with Scroll.

While the above are just broad strokes on what Scroll is, each of these aspects unfolds various features that make Scroll an exciting part of our ecosystem. As we move forward, let’s take a look at the unique features and benefits of developing with Scroll.

Building on Scroll

The inclusion of Scroll into the Chainstack ecosystem signifies a pivotal step forward in providing our user community with robust, scalable, and innovative solutions. Let’s delve into the unique features that make Scroll an exceptional product.

  1. Throughput enhancement – Scroll enhances Ethereum’s secure block space, enabling more network activity and reducing congestion thanks to ZK Rollups. By harnessing Ethereum’s security that uses zero-knowledge proofs to validate network activity, Scroll processes a higher number of transactions without sacrificing decentralization.
  2. Cost efficiency – Scroll vastly reduces gas fees for users on Ethereum, where elevated transaction costs result from competition for block space. By adopting the most recent advancements in zero-knowledge proofs and hardware acceleration, Scroll significantly broadens secure block space and reduces transaction costs for its users.
  3. Improved performance – Post the merge, Ethereum blocks confirm reliably every 12 seconds. In stark contrast, Scroll performs block minting every 3 seconds. Less risky operations consider transactions final once included in a block. This quick response time paves the way for new opportunities for on-chain interaction, especially in social and gaming applications.
  4. Aligned vision – Scroll shares Ethereum’s vision and aims to enhance it rather than compete against it. The core ethos of the protocol relates to decentralization, permissionlessness, censorship resistance, and community ownership. This ethos guides the team’s roadmap, with a focus on open-source software. Scroll closely collaborates with Ethereum Foundation’s Privacy and Scaling Exploration team to assist their work on a zkEVM that might be integrated into Ethereum’s core sometime in the future.
  5. Community-centric approach – Scroll is dedicated to connecting users and developers. The team understands the challenges of building in the open and seeking user engagement before the mainnet release. With a blossoming community of users and developers along with a discord community of over 100,000 members eager to test applications on the testnet, the Scroll team is actively bridging the gap between developers and users for potent real-world feedback.
  6. Advanced developer tooling – Scroll introduces a blockchain bridge, effortlessly linking the Goerli Testnet and Scroll Alpha Testnet. Its zkEVM-based zkRollup seamlessly integrates with existing Ethereum applications. The active Alpha Testnet marks a significant milestone in their journey, becoming the testing ground for zero-knowledge rollups built on Goerli.

These unique features and advantages of Scroll allow Chainstack to deliver optimal value to our users. The true potential of Scroll becomes apparent when one comprehends the core concept and realizes how it delivers a futuristic and efficient solution to handle Ethereum applications.

A lightning-fast highly secure L2 scaling with Scroll

The partnership between Chainstack and Scroll not only illustrates our shared vision but also our belief in building a more resilient and effective ecosystem for developers building on Ethereum.

By incorporating Scroll into our ecosystem, we strive to provide better throughput, increased efficiency, and significant cost reductions for users. As a zkEVM-based zkRollup on Ethereum, Scroll broadens the horizons of Ethereum applications, providing our users with an advanced and potent tool to develop, deploy, and manage their applications with native compatibility.

Moreover, Scroll’s robust Layer 2 network, which employs a zero-knowledge rollup, enhances the expandability of Ethereum applications. It facelifts Ethereum’s potential by creating a pathway that consistently aligns with EVM bytecode, thereby simulating the experience of developing on Ethereum.

At Chainstack, we harness Scroll’s underlying principles of expandability, EVM compatibility, and safeguarding to give our users the upper hand in the state-of-the-art blockchain development landscape. Our mission always remains to be the go-to platform for anyone seeking to explore and unlock the immense potential of blockchain, and the collaboration with Scroll takes us one step further in that direction.

“The introduction of Scroll’s protocol signifies a landmark moment for Chainstack. As we incorporate their highly secure and efficient Layer 2 scaling solution, we are more equipped than ever to provide our users with the tools they need for fast, cost-effective, and privacy-preserving DApp development. We eagerly look forward to the further innovation this integration will unlock in the blockchain space.”

Eugene Aseev, CTO and Co-Founder, Chainstack

Integrating Scroll is a testament to our commitment to providing the best tools for our users to build and scale DApps of any size and stage. We eagerly look forward to the fascinating innovations this integration will bring to the blockchain landscape.

Feature highlights

Incorporating Scroll into our platform brings an influx of features that amplify the performance and potential of Ethereum-based applications. Here are some key feature highlights that Scroll brings to Chainstack:

  • Expandability: Scroll conducts transactions off-chain, then posts concise proofs of correctness on-chain. This significantly enhances throughput and reduces costs compared to the Ethereum base layer.
  • EVM-compatibility: Development on Scroll mirrors that on Ethereum. It means any smart contract compatible with EVM can be seamlessly deployed to Scroll’s network.
  • Auditable security: Scroll’s protocol is currently under multiple third-party audits to ensure its security.
  • Throughput enhancement: Scroll enhances Ethereum’s secure block space, enabling more network activity and reducing congestion thanks to ZK Rollups.
  • Cost efficiency: Scroll significantly reduces gas fees for users on Ethereum.
  • Increased efficiency: Scroll’s blocks are minted every 3 seconds, paving the way for new opportunities for on-chain interaction in social and gaming applications.
  • Community-centric approach: Scroll is actively bridging the gap between developers and users for potent real-world feedback.
  • Advanced developer tooling: Scroll introduces a blockchain bridge, effortlessly linking the Goerli Testnet and Scroll Alpha Testnet.

These features highlight the core advantages of developing with Scroll on Chainstack, with each one contributing to making Ethereum applications more efficient, potent, and secure in their own unique way.

Bringing it all together

The introduction of Scroll into the Chainstack ecosystem is an exciting milestone in our constant pursuit of innovation. Our users now have access to a highly secure, efficient, and compatible solution for developing Ethereum applications. The distinctive features and benefits of Scroll, including EVM compatibility, increased throughput, cost efficiency, community-centric approach, and advanced developer tooling, make it an incredible asset for anyone engaged in blockchain development.

At Chainstack, we remain committed to delivering the most robust, scalable, and innovative solutions to our users. Our collaboration with Scroll is just another step towards realizing this commitment, and we can’t wait to see the amazing creations that will emerge from this union.

We are more than thrilled to welcome Scroll to our ecosystem and are looking forward to the immense value it is set to bring to our user community. Let’s embrace the future of blockchain development with Scroll, and together, let’s redefine the approach to Ethereum applications.

Stay tuned to see how Scroll reshapes the Ethereum landscape within the Chainstack ecosystem. As always, we are incredibly thankful to our dedicated community of developers and users, without whom none of this would be possible. Together, let’s continue to explore the vast potential of blockchain technology.

Thank you for being part of this exciting journey. Your constant support and feedback are what drives us to strive for excellence and keep innovating. Here’s to a future of more ground-breaking developments and exciting innovations with Chainstack and Scroll.

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