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Chainstack and Omen to collaborate on enhancing the blockchain journey of their customers

Chainstack has announced a partnership with Omen to jointly work on projects that enhance the blockchain journey of their customers. By leveraging Chainstack’s blockchain control panel for the enterprise, Omen plans to simplify and expedite blockchain deployment at its various clients.

17 Jun, 2019

Chainstack and Zebra Systems to collaborate on enterprise blockchain innovation

Chainstack has signed an MoU with Zebra Systems, based in Czech Republic.

17 Jun, 2019

Chainstack and Fujitsu partner to offer end-to-end blockchain solutions – from deployment to DApps

Singapore-headquartered Chainstack, a multi-cloud and multi-protocol blockchain Platform as a Service, has announced a partnership with Fujitsu to offer its global footprint of customers a faster and resource-efficient way to leverage the power of blockchains.

13 Jun, 2019

Chainstack launches ‘Powered by Chainstack’ initiative

‘Powered by Chainstack’ is a global initiative that provides organizations training blockchain developers with an easy-to-use infrastructure to deploy any blockchain network in minutes.

13 Jun, 2019

Chainstack hosts the Decentralized Application Development Club

Chainstack is proud to host the Decentralized Application Development Club, a structured 10 session study group that aims to teach blockchain enthusiasts how to build their own decentralized applications. The follows the book “Mastering Ethereum” by Andreas Antonopoulos and Gavin Wood.

10 Jun, 2019

Chainstack announces its role as a Quorum ambassador

Chainstack is thrilled to announce its role as a Quorum ambassador. Chainstack will run initiatives, including local meetups, that focus on improving awareness and understanding of Quorum technologies and its use cases. On the 1st of June, it ran the first-ever Quorum meetup in Singapore.

3 Jun, 2019
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