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Chainstack multi-chain faucet

Get free testnet tokens for the most used blockchain networks. Easy to use, no Twitter authentication, refill every 24h.

Request testnet tokens from one of our faucets. You can find below the networks that we currently support.

Sepolia testnet faucet
Holesky testnet faucet
zkSync Era testnet faucet
BNB smart chain testnet faucet
Scroll testnet faucet

What is a faucet?

A faucet is a developer tool that gives you testnet tokens, like Sepolia ETH or zkSync ETH in order to use them when you need to try out the different functions of your smart contracts before you deploy them to production or when you simply want to send some transactions on a test network.

How to use the Chainstack faucet?

Follow this simple guide to request testnet tokens from the Chainstack faucet for Sepolia, Goerli, BNB, zkSync, Scroll, or Holesky. This tutorial will help you grasp the basics quickly, so you get the testnet tokens that you need for BUIDLing shortly.

Chainstack faucet API tutorial?

Dive into this guide to tap into the Chainstack faucet API for Sepolia, Goerli, BNB, zkSync, and Scroll. Enable automatic testnet token top-ups every 24 hours and power up your blockchain BUIDL with this handy Web3 faucet API.

Want to learn more about Web3?

Check out our helpful resources for Web3 developers below.