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18 June 2020

21:00 - 21:45 (UTC+08.00)

[Chainstack and LayerX webinar] Interoperability on Corda and beyond: How to leverage R3’s Corda Network and LayerX’s Corda-Quorum interoperability solution

How to leverage R3’s Corda Network and LayerX’s Corda-Quorum interoperability solution.

Interoperability and getting started on the Corda Network by Chainstack

While a variety of blockchain-based consortia have attempted to optimize markets through seamless data sharing, realizing the full promise of enterprise blockchain requires the dismantling of data silos. Here, interoperability is key. This session will give you a broad overview of existing blockchain-based consortia, the key governance and interoperability challenges faced, and proposed solutions with a focus on the Corda Network. The Corda Network is a publicly-available internet of Corda nodes that enables interoperability among separate Corda networks by allowing the exchange of assets and data through a secure, efficient internet layer. Learn how Chainstack’s new identity management and Corda Network support introduces businesses to a novel way to rapidly onboard onto the Network and begin leveraging the advantages of a public permissioned network.

Cordage by LayerX

Learn why interoperability is needed, the classification of different types of interoperabilities, and how it works. A new interoperability solution developed by LayerX, Cordage, will be also introduced. Cordage makes it possible for Corda and Ethereum based blockchains to interact.



Thursday, 18 June 2020

 09:00 UTC -04.00 //  14:00 UTC +01.00  //   21:00 UTC +08.00

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