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24 June 2020

21:00 - 21:45 (UTC+08.00)

[Chainstack and Covalent Ethereum meetup] How to get instant access to Ethereum data for building mainstream DeFi applications

Learn about the challenges of querying data on the blockchain and how to instantly access the blockchain state at any point in time in Ethereum history.

Unblocking DeFi: The challenges with querying data on the blockchain by Covalent

Despite the progress we’ve made in tooling on Ethereum over the last couple of years, one difficult task remains: extracting data from blockchains–a crucial process in building any secure DeFi application. blockchain data is messy, disorganized and time-consuming even for an experienced engineer. In this talk, Ganesh Swami from Covalent will present three approaches to extracting data from the Ethereum blockchain without writing a single line of solidity code. He will discuss pros/cons and the different trade-offs with each approach.

The Ethereum time machine: How to instantly access the blockchain state at any point in time in Ethereum history by Chainstack

Running an archival node is extremely complex and time consuming. Not only does it take weeks to complete, but it also demands constant monitoring and a significant amount of storage. It climbed to over 4TB of data this year and it will continue to grow. In this talk, Eugene Aseev will provide tips, tricks, and best practices on running an archival node and how to instantly access Ethereum historical data.



Wednesday, 24 June 2020

 09:00 UTC -04.00 //  14:00 UTC +01.00  //   21:00 UTC +08.00

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