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The Merge is here

The biggest thing in Web3 this year has happened. Ethereum Mainnet merged.

Leverage all advantages of the Beacon Chain API with Chainstack.

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Ethereum roadmap

Here is an outline of all important milestones that happened in the roadmap of the Ethereum Merge

What does it mean?

Ethereum migrated from the proof-of-work to the proof-of-stake consesus mechanism. The Ethereum Mainnet as the execution layer merged with the proof-of-stake Beacon Chain consensus layer. Let Chainstack navigate you through this journey. Learn more.

Beacon Chain

The Beacon Chain is the coordination mechanism of the new network, responsible for creating new blocks, making sure those new blocks are valid, and rewarding validators with ETH for keeping the network secure.

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Goerli Testnet

Kiln will be shut down shortly after The Merge. Ropsten will be shut down in Q4 2022 and Rinkeby will be shut down by the Ethereum Foundation in 2023.

We highly recommend to consider migrating to Goerli Testnet. Go to our platform and #TestTheMerge.

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Consensus mechanism

With the proof-of-stake consensus, blocks are produced at fixed 12 second times by validators. The new consensus mechanism makes Ethereum drastically reduce the usage of resources and leave less carbon footprint.

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How to navigate the Merge with Chainstack?


As a Chainstack customer, you do NOT have to do anything. We take care of all the infrastructure work for you.


Keep operating your current node or launch new ones. We have already run Mainnet, Ropsten and Goerli through The Merge and are ready to provide you with the Beacon Chain API.


Come to our platform and leverage all benefits of The Merge with Chainstack.

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