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Tag: EVM


Chainstack introduces Ronin support

Build immersive player experiences at scale on the EVM chain built for Web3 gaming, backed by Axie Infinity pioneers, Sky Mavis.

Petar Stoykov
November 16, 2023


Chainstack introduces Base support

Experience unmatched security, scalability, and seamless EVM-compatibility with L2 Coinbase-incubated Base on Chainstack.

Petar Stoykov
July 25, 2023


Chainstack introduces Oasis Sapphire support

Develop secure, privacy-enabled DApps on a Layer 1 PoS smart contract platform designed for scalability, extensibility, and confidentiality.

Zachary Trudeau
March 19, 2023


Chainstack announces support for Cronos

We are excited to announce the upcoming addition of the Cronos protocol to Chainstack’s list of supported networks.

Petar Stoykov
October 19, 2022