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Switch to high-performing Solana RPC nodes in minutes today.

Solana RPC node

Chainstack offers a straightforward process for deploying a Solana RPC node for your Web3 project, so you can make use of our reliable infrastructure. With the Chainstack platform launching a Solana RPC node is both easy and swift, allowing you to leverage the network’s features in a matter of mere minutes rather than forcing you to wait for days.

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Solana mainnet

By using the Chainstack platform you will have the chance to deploy a robust enterprise-grade Solana mainnet node in a manner that is both swift and accessible. With Chainstack, you will have the option to choose a cloud service provider that you prefer, in addition to an adequate geo-location for minimum latency to power your Solana mainnet project.

Solana testnet

Chainstack will also grant you the means of launching a Solana testnet node, so you can test your Web3 project prior to launching live. Currently, all Solana testnet networks are supported, giving you ample means to connect to the one you find most fitting for your needs and use case when it comes to Solana testnet operations.

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Solana RPC

Deploying reliable Solana RPC infrastructure to match the needs of your Web3 project is a process that is both quick and effortless with the Chainstack platform.

The Solana RPC or remote procedure call is the key to interacting with the network, making you able to execute procedures or subroutines as they are also known, while not having to think about coding the details of your remote interactions explicitly.

Solana RPC methods

Chainstack presents you with access to the complete bundle of Solana RPC methods that are available to developers on the protocol.

Because of this, you will have all the means necessary to interact with Solana smart contracts in a seamless process. As a Solana developer, you will have the opportunity to leverage all Solana RPC methods you will ever need to make your Web3 project a reality.

Solana RPC API

Using the Chainstack platform will grant you access to several means of connecting with the Solana RPC API – via WebSocket or an HTTPS endpoint.

Finding your Solana RPC API endpoint details is just as easy – click on the Solana node you have deployed, and then pick the method for connecting you prefer – by means of unsecured public access or secured with adequate credentials.