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Switch to high-performing Fantom RPC nodes in minutes today.

Fantom RPC node

Chainstack provides a seamless process for deploying a Fantom RPC node for your Web3 project, so you can take advantage of our reliable infrastructure. With Chainstack launching a Fantom RPC node is both fast and accessible, offering you the means to take advantage of the network’s capabilities in just a matter of minutes instead of forcing you to wait for days.

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Fantom mainnet

When using the Chainstack platform you will have the opportunity to deploy a secure enterprise-grade Fantom mainnet node in a swift and accessible manner. With Chainstack, you will also be given the option to choose a cloud service provider to your liking, as well as an adequate geo-location that will deliver minimum latency for your Fantom mainnet operations.

Fantom testnet

The Chainstack platform also offers you the means of deploying a Fantom testnet node to give you an opportunity to test your Web3 project prior to going live. At present you can take advantage of all Fantom testnet networks, so by using Chainstack you will have the means of connecting to the Fantom testnet that suits the needs of your use case best.

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Fantom RPC

Launching robust Fantom RPC infrastructure to fit the requirements of your Web3 project is as quick as it is effortless with the Chainstack platform.

The Fantom RPC or remote procedure call is vital for interacting with the network, helping you execute subroutines or procedures as they are also known, with no need to think about explicitly coding the details of your remote interactions.

Fantom RPC methods

The Chainstack platform will present you with access to the entire list of Fantom RPC methods made available to protocol developers.

In doing so, you will be given all the means needed for Fantom smart contract interactions in a seamless manner. As a Fantom builder, you will have the chance to use all Fantom RPC methods to your advantage, while performing any interaction that you desire for your Web3 project.

Fantom RPC API

With the Chainstack platform, you will have access to several methods to connect with the Fantom RPC API – by means of a WebSocket or HTTPS endpoint. To find your Fantom RPC API endpoint details all you need to do is deploy a node, click on it to display the details, and then select the preferred method for connecting – unsecured public access or secure with protected credentials.