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Switch to high-performing BNB Smart Chain nodes in minutes today.

“With Chainstack as an infrastructure partner, the difference in performance was remarkable.

The Chainstack support has been incredible, their team went beyond to help solve issues and enable additional functionality, resulting in improved ChartEx’s customer experience and adoption.”

Founder and CEO, ChartEx      Read the story

Always up to date and fully synced

The Chainstack team always keeps the BNB Chain nodes up to date with the latest software in direct collaboration with the BNB Chain team.

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Mainnet, testnet, and archive nodes

Deploy a BNB chain full or an archive node in minutes on mainnet or testnet, a full node or an archive node.

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Geographically diverse

Get a node in North America, Europe, or Asia. Or in all three with load balancing.

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Start with $0

Sign up with the free Developer plan and get 3M node requests at $0. No strings attached.

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