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Based on Go Ethereum, run BNB Smart Chain nodes to deploy and interact with smart contracts on the mainnet or testnet.

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ConsensusProof of Staked Authority (PoSA)
Public / Private / PermissionedPublic
Smart contractsYes
Smart contract language(s) supportedSolidity, Vyper, Yul, Huff
Transaction privacyNo
Transaction visibilityAll participants have access to all entries ever recorded.
Transaction orderingAll validating participants must reach a consensus over the order of all transactions that have taken place, irrespective of whether a participant has taken part in a particular transaction or not.

Fault tolerance

BNB Smart Chain is a proof of staked authority consensus model secured by 21 validators.


As a proof-of-stake protocol, BNB Smart Chain is performing fast at about 3 seconds per block.

Industry use case

EVM-compatible smart contracts and a bridge for digital assets from the Ethereum network.

What’s next?

Start today with an elastic or dedicated BNB Smart Chain node.

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