Permissioned chains with the convenience of public chains

Deploy and run your permissioned chains and get the chain data transparency with the same uniform experience as with the public networks by using Chainstack and Covalent.

Avalanche subnet

Host your Avalanche subnet on Chainstack with analytics from Covalent.

Secured by mainnet

Your Avalanche subnet is secured by the mainnet validators. You can either stake and run your own validator node(s) to secure your subnet or onboard a third-party Avalanche validator.

Custom virtual machine

Build your own virtual machine to handle the transactions on the network based on the Avalanche Virtual Machine (AVM) or the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Asset bridge

Use the existing Avalanche tooling to bridge your subnet assets to and from the Avalanche chains and EVM-based networks.

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Your network, your rules


Set up your own network as private with the contents visible only to validators with Avalanche subnets.


Build your own highly customized network with Avalanche.

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The uniform public chain experience

The smooth experience you are used to with Chainstack and Covalent

Network management with Chainstack

Deploy, run, and manage your custom network and nodes with the same seamless Chainstack platform operation everybody gets with public chain nodes.

Insight and analytics with Covalent

Get the transparency and insight into your custom network with the same ease, level, and granularity as everybody gets with Covalent on the public chains.

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