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Developer    MetaMask
Category Applications Chains and networks Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom Learn more MetaMask documentation

Available as an iOS or Android app and as a browser extension, MetaMask lets you connect to Ethereum or Ethereum-based nodes to interact with smart contracts and to store, send, and receive your funds on the connected network.

Use with Chainstack

  1. Deploy an Ethereum node, a Polygon PoS node, a Binance Smart Chain node, an Avalanche node, or a Fantom node on Chainstack.
  2. Connect your MetaMask instance to the deployed node. For instructions, see Ethereum, Polygon PoS, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom.

Get started with MetaMask

Get in touch to start using MetaMask on Chainstack.