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Deploy Solana nodes with unbeatable pricing

Save over 66% of your infra costs with high-performing Solana RPC & API

With Chainstack, every API call to your Solana node is always billed as 1 request irrespective of the type of request or the computation resources.

1 getProgramAccounts = 1 request

1 getTokenAccountsByOwner = 1 request

No method-specific fees. No rocket-science-ing your budget. No second-guessing your spending. Just simple and predictable billing every month.

Unbound performance starting at $0 per month

Powered by Chainstack Cloud, our Solana RPC nodes can scale seamlessly without any network disruptions while maintaining over 99.9% uptime.

Chainstack elastic Solana RPC nodes

  • $0 developer plan to start for free
  • Best latency in Europe
  • Mainnet and Devnet infrastructure
  • Secure HTTP and WebSocket APIs

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Engineered for high workloads

Chainstack Cloud is a purpose-built bare-metal solution for high throughput applications on Solana such as DeFi, gaming, and trading. It delivers the lowest latencies in Europe and the US regions and can handle any workload with zero throttling.

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Accelerate performance with dedicated nodes

Adjust hardware requirements to suit any workload and boost RPS performance with a dedicated node to avoid traffic congestion.

Chainstack dedicated Solana RPC nodes

  • Different hardware options
  • Mainnet, Devnet, and Testnet support
  • Dedicated node resources for higher performance
  • Best price compared to any other RPC provider

* Available starting from Business subscription plan

Boost the performance

Payment in crypto is available on any plan

Use cryptocurrencies to top up the balance of your Chainstack account. Use the balance towards the subscription and node usage costs.

* After signing up, you can modify your preferred payment method in the console.