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An open source blockchain platform that enables businesses to transact directly and in strict privacy using smart contracts.

Global eventCordaCon
ConsensusBFT-SMaRt, Raft
Public / Private / PermissionedPrivate, Permissioned
Smart contractsYes
Smart contract language(s) supportedJava, Kotlin
Transaction privacyYes
Transaction visibilityPrivate transactions between participants are hidden from all other participants.
Transaction orderingOrdering provided by notary service as per consensus mechanism. In the BFT-SMaRt distributed notary, signatures from validating notaries can be specified in a customized manner.

Fault tolerance


For BFT-SMaRt to execute correctly, less than a third of all replicas of the service can be faulty at any moment. Hence, the total number of replicas N must be N >= 3f + 1, where f is the maximum number of faulty replicas.


When using Raft deployed on n nodes, a Corda notary tolerates crashes of any t < n/2 of these nodes. Hence, at least 50% of the nodes to be running for the network to function.



BFT-SMaRt is a high-performance Byzantine Fault Tolerant State Machine Replication that relies on a leader to solve the classic Byzantine consensus problem that predates blockchains.


Raft is not recommended for production.

Suggestions for use with consortia


BFT-SMaRt requires Java serialization which is disabled by default in Corda due to security risks, and it will only work in dev mode where this can be customized. There is no single shared ledger, only different shared vaults of facts between counterparties to a deal.


Raft on Corda has known limitations and is not recommended for production use.

Industry use case

Capital markets, digital assets, digital identity, energy, global trade, government, healthcare, insurance, telecommunications.

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