Join the Corda Network

Deploy and manage high-performing Corda nodes that run on secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Participate in one of the fastest growing, distributed business networks flexibly and with predictable pricing.

How to join

Step 1

Complete steps 1 and 2 of the Corda Network joining process in order to get pre-approval to join the network.

Go to the Corda Network Foundation

Step 2

After completing all agreements and checks, make note of your node operator email and X.500 legal name from step 2 of the Corda Network joining process for the node you would like to deploy.

Go to the Corda Network Foundation

Step 3

Create an account or log in on Chainstack.

Create account or log in Try Chainstack Business for free with $200 credit

Step 4

Using your node operator email and X.500 legal name from Step 2, add an identity to your secure vault in Chainstack.

Go to my vault

Step 5

Once your identity moves from ‘Pending’ to ‘Approved’, create a public chain project in Chainstack. Then join a node to the Corda Network using your new identity.

Go to my projects

Step 6

Once your node status becomes ‘Running’, it is connected to the Corda Network. You can install CorDapps straight from your node details page and start interacting with global networks right away.

Go to my projects


We already have a wealth of information on protocols, consensus, and deployment options in our documentation.

A single platform to host all your nodes, for you or your customers

Predictable performance
Flexible deployment
API for orchestration
CorDapp management
Identity management

Predictable performance

Don’t worry about maintenance or uptime of your nodes. They’re fast, immediately accessible and self-healing to ensure optimal connection to the network.

Get on the Corda Network

Let’s talk about the best way for you to manage and deploy nodes on the Corda Network with Chainstack.

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