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21 May 2020

15:00-15:45 (UTC +08.00)

Webinar: Getting started on the Corda Network with Chainstack

No more manual configuration. Chainstack's new automated onboarding for the Corda Network and full suite of tools lets you leverage R3's global business blockchain network effortlessly.

The Corda Network is a shared, underlying, open blockchain network linking all participants on Corda or Corda Enterprise. It enables entities to interact with any other network participant through the use of CorDapps, while retaining their ability to transact privately within trusted business networks.

Chainstack’s new identity management and Corda Network support introduces businesses to a novel way to rapidly onboard onto the Network and begin transacting with a world of participants with minimal configuration. Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn how you can effortlessly begin leveraging the advantages of a public permissioned network with Chainstack.

Chainstack’s full suite of enterprise-hardened tools enables any business to start running on the Corda Network, with features that include:

  • Automated onboarding to the Corda Network
  • Secure vault for Corda Network identity management and monitoring
  • Instant access to high-performing, stable nodes
  • Flexible deployment options and scalability
  • APIs for orchestration
  • CorDapp management



Thursday, 21 May 2020

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