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Deploy BNB Smart Chain nodes with unbeatable pricing

Save over 66% on Web3 infrastructure cost

With Chainstack, every API call to your BNB Smart Chain (BSC) node is always billed as 1 request irrespective of the type of request or the computation resources.

1 eth_blockNumber = 1 request

1 eth_getBlockReceipts = 1 request

1 trace_replayTransaction = 1 request

No method-specific fees. No rocket-science-ing your budget. No second-guessing your spending. Just simple and predictable billing every month.

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Start by indicating your monthly request volumes, and we’ll recommend the best value plans available on each platform.

Monthly requests 1,000,000
1M 100M 200M 300M 400M 500M
Total cost per month
Best value plan
Monthly subscription fee
Usage and additional fee
eth_call, full
request units
Compute Units

Reliable BNB Chain mainnet and testnet infrastructure

Chainstack ensures you get access to robust and scalable infrastructure, ready for your Binance Smart Chain journey, in minutes.

We take away the burden of managing it so that you can instantly focus on building, trading, and exploring data on BNB Smart Chain RPC nodes and APIs.

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Unbound performance starting at $0 per month

Chainstack elastic BNB Smart Chain RPC nodes provide personal, geographically diverse, and protected API endpoints you can immediately start using to interact with BNB Smart Chain networks.

  • No rate limiting or throttling
  • Near-instant deployment
  • Global endpoint locations
  • Secure HTTP and WebSocket APIs
  • Basic API namespaces: net, eth, web3

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BNB Chain (BSC) archive data starting at just $49

Get access to BNB Smart Chain archive nodes to query the entire history of the mainnet.

Save up to 4x more with Chainstack archive nodes than with any other RPC provider.

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Dedicated BNB Chain RPC nodes for dedicated users

Backed up by an expert support team, Chainstack’s dedicated BNB Smart Chain RPC nodes are a go-to for request-intensive workloads on the BNB Smart Chain network, including traders and plethora of different DeFi projects.

Chainstack dedicated BNB Smart Chain RPC nodes

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