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Scale your on-chain application with StarkEx Apps

Deploy and run the StarkEx engine with Chainstack for your high-volume on-chain applications. Scale your DApp in transaction throughput and save your users in transaction costs.

StarkEx Apps

Secured by the mainnet

Your application powered by your own instance of the StarkEx engine is secured by the Ethereum mainnet.
When deployed for your on-chain application, the transactions flow is the following:

  1. The transactions are processed off-chain in batches by the StarkEx prover.
  2. Once batched, the StarkEx prover prepares an update for the Ethereum mainnet.
  3. Together with the batch, the StarkEx prover generates a STARK proof that uses math to guarantee all the off-chain transactions are valid.
  4. Both the batch and the proof are then submitted to the on-chain StarkEx verifier.
  5. Once the proof is verified as valid, the batch is committed on-chain.

All transactions are validated off-chain. The proof of the transactions integrity is verified on-chain.

Token support

StarkEx engine supports ETH, ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155.


StarkEx engine supports the ERC token standards of EVM-compatible chains.

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Common use cases

Derivative trading

Perpetual contracts rely on frequent price updates for numerous assets—a prohibitively expensive operation on-chain.

Spot trading

Easily handle high-volume trading that is cost-efficient.

DeFi strategies

Access to DeFi pooling and vaults is democratized by lowering the transaction fee-based entry cost.

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NFT minting

Massive off-chain NFT minting to save the gas costs. Highly efficient for gaming projects.

Start today with Chainstack

Chainstack is the first provider to integrate StarkWare’s Starknet and is a StarkWare partner.

At Chainstack, we are in direct communication with the StakWare development team to ensure we provide you with the best solutions.

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