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Switch to high-performing Harmony RPC nodes in minutes today.

Harmony RPC node

The Chainstack platform offers you as a developer a straightforward process when deploying a Harmony RPC node for your Web3 project, allowing you to take advantage of our reliable infrastructure in a seamless manner. With the help of the Chainstack platform, launching your own Harmony RPC node is as simple as it is fast, so you can start leveraging the network’s capabilities within moments, rather than waiting for it for days.

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Harmony mainnet

The Chainstack platform grants you the option to deploy a robust enterprise-grade Harmony mainnet node in a way that is as fast as it is accessible. By using the Chainstack platform, you will also be given the option to choose a cloud service provider you want to work with, as well as a wide selection of geo-locations, allowing you to find the one, offering the least latency for any interactions on the Harmony mainnet.

Harmony testnet

Chainstack also offers you a way to deploy a Harmony testnet node, so you can iron out all the details of your Web3 project before sending it all to production. Currently, all Harmony testnet networks are supported, providing you with an appropriate set of options to connect to the Harmony testnet that is the closest match for your needs.

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Harmony RPC

Deploying robust Harmony RPC infrastructure to meet your Web3 project’s use case is a brief and uncomplicated process with Chainstack.

The Harmony RPC or remote procedure call is the go-to way for network interactions, giving you the means to perform procedures or subroutines as they are also known, having no need to worry about the details of your remote interactions and putting them explicitly in code.

Harmony RPC methods

Chainstack offers the full spectrum of Harmony RPC methods, available to protocol developers for use. That is why you will find no challenge making use of all means necessary to interact with Harmony smart contracts seamlessly.

As a Harmony developer, you will be able to leverage all Harmony RPC methods, needed to turn your Web3 project into reality.

Harmony RPC API

With the Chainstack platform, it is possible to use several means of connecting with the Harmony RPC API – by means of an HTTPS endpoint or a WebSocket one.

Getting an overview of your Harmony RPC API endpoint details is just as straightforward – you only need to click on a deployed Harmony node and pick the method of connecting you prefer – secured, with appropriate credentials, or unsecured public access.