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Valha on Chainstack: Providing cutting-edge DeFi infrastructure for developers

At Chainstack, we understand the ever-expanding and evolving world of decentralized finance (DeFi), where developers are constantly seeking ways to streamline and optimize their integration processes. That’s why we are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Valha, available only through the Chainstack Marketplace. Valha is an innovative platform that empowers developers with a comprehensive set of APIs for seamless DeFi integrations, all while preserving decentralization and control.

Valha, committed to open-source principles, provides DeFi connectors through GitHub and on-chain contracts, along with an optional off-chain API for added support. With a focus on reliability and delivering an exceptional developer experience, Valha has designed a solution that simplifies DeFi integration for developers. Extensive documentation for both API and contracts allows developers to save weeks of tedious work while maintaining access and control over multiple protocols across eight different chains.

In collaboration with Valha, Chainstack is dedicated to supporting innovators across investment apps, wallets, protocols, and asset managers by providing the necessary infrastructure. From protocol analytics and user position checks to enabling curated and multiple on-chain interactions, our partnership with Valha unlocks the full potential of DeFi, offering powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use APIs for the community. Experience the benefits of this exclusive partnership by accessing Valha’s services through the Chainstack Marketplace.

We’re excited to partner with Chainstack to revolutionize the DeFi landscape. Combining Valha’s DeFi integration expertise with Chainstack’s robust infrastructure, we’re empowering developers to create innovative solutions that drive decentralized finance adoption. Together, we’re transforming DeFi integrations and unlocking new possibilities for the entire ecosystem via our exclusive offering available through the Chainstack Marketplace.

Octave Mesnard, CEO and Co-Founder, Valha

What is Valha?

Valha is a comprehensive solution designed to help developers effortlessly integrate with various DeFi protocols while maintaining decentralization and control. As the DeFi ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, it presents unique challenges and complexities for developers who seek to leverage its potential. Valha addresses these challenges by offering a suite of APIs and tools that simplify and streamline the DeFi integration process, making it accessible and efficient for developers across the board.

Valha’s commitment to openness and flexibility is evident in its approach to DeFi connectors. These connectors are available on GitHub and on-chain contracts, ensuring transparency and adaptability for developers. This open-source philosophy fosters collaboration and innovation within the DeFi community. Additionally, Valha provides an optional off-chain API that serves as an extra resource for developers who need further support.

By focusing on reliability and ease of integration with DeFi protocols, Valha is specifically designed to offer the best possible developer experience. This emphasis on user experience ensures that developers can seamlessly integrate DeFi protocols into their projects, reducing the barriers to entry and making the DeFi ecosystem more accessible to a wider range of developers and users.

Building with Valha

Valha provides thorough documentation for both its API and contracts, eliminating the need for reverse engineering and facilitating a seamless integration process. With Valha, developers can access and control tens of protocols on eight different chains through just a few lines of code, saving valuable time and effort.

Valha offers a single RESTful API for all protocols and enables anyone to add their own connectors. In addition, Valha allows developers to access protocol analytics, such as TVL and APY, and check user positions, both liquid and illiquid. Valha enables interactions through API or contract calls and offers bundled transactions with swaps to simplify the overall process.

Valha’s versatile APIs are adaptable to various interfaces, making them ideal for integration with investment apps, wallets, protocols, and asset managers. By providing a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly platform, Valha is set to revolutionize the DeFi integration landscape, empowering developers and innovators to create exceptional DeFi experiences.


As part of this collaboration, Valha’s powerful API is available exclusively through the Chainstack Marketplace, with pricing starting at $79/month. This package includes access to core APIs, support for all chains, and 40K Compute Units. And the best thing about it? You get 10K extra completely commitment-free as part of the special introductory rate via the Chainstack Marketplace.

We understand the importance of a robust and scalable infrastructure for developers working in the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape. That’s why Chainstack is committed to providing Valha users with reliable and high-performance infrastructure services, empowering them to confidently build and scale their DeFi solutions.

By leveraging Chainstack’s infrastructure, Valha offers developers an array of tools and features to simplify DeFi integration. These include permissionless on-chain connectors, a single RESTful API for all protocols, and more. With this partnership, developers can access protocol analytics, check user positions, enable curated and multiple on-chain interactions, all while enjoying the support of Chainstack’s dependable infrastructure.

We are proud to facilitate Valha’s mission of making DeFi integration more efficient and accessible for developers. Together, we strive to empower the next wave of DeFi innovators, driving the adoption of decentralized finance and shaping the future of the industry. Discover the benefits of Chainstack’s infrastructure, combined with Valha’s powerful API, by joining us on this exciting journey.

Feature highlights

Experience the benefits of Chainstack’s exclusive partnership with Valha and take advantage of the innovative DeFi integration tools that they offer. With this powerful collaboration, developers can unlock the full potential of decentralized finance, creating a more accessible and efficient ecosystem for all.

  • Open-source connectors: Valha offers DeFi connectors through GitHub and on-chain contracts, ensuring transparency and adaptability for developers.
  • Extensive documentation: Developers save weeks of work with Valha’s thorough documentation for both API and contracts, streamlining the integration process.
  • Cross-chain support: Valha enables developers to access and control multiple protocols across eight different chains, broadening the scope of DeFi projects.
  • Reliable infrastructure: Chainstack’s partnership with Valha provides developers with the necessary infrastructure to support their DeFi solutions, ensuring stability and performance.
  • Versatile APIs: Valha’s APIs cater to various interfaces, including investment apps, wallets, protocols, and asset managers, enabling developers to create exceptional DeFi experiences.
  • Affordable pricing: Access Valha’s powerful API through the Chainstack Marketplace, starting at $79/month, which includes core APIs, support for all chains, and 40K Compute Units plus 10K more, as part of the introductory offer.

In conclusion, our exclusive partnership with Valha, available via the Chainstack Marketplace, is set to transform the DeFi landscape by providing developers with a powerful, flexible, and user-friendly platform. By combining Valha’s innovative DeFi integration tools with Chainstack’s reliable infrastructure, we aim to empower the next generation of DeFi innovators, ultimately driving the adoption of decentralized finance and shaping the future of the industry.

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