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Switch to high-performing Tezos RPC nodes in minutes today.

Tezos RPC node

The Chainstack platform offers you as a builder a seamless straightforward process to deploy a Tezos RPC node for your Web3 project, so you can leverage our robust infrastructure both easily and securely. Thanks to Chainstack, launching your own Tezos RPC node is as unchallenging as it is fast, so you can start taking advantage of the network’s set of capabilities within just a few moments, rather than be forced to endure a days-long wait.

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Tezos mainnet

As you use the Chainstack platform, you will have the chance to deploy a reliable enterprise-grade Tezos mainnet node in a manner that is as simple as it is seamless. Additionally, you will be able to select a cloud service provider you prefer to work with, as well as the option to choose from a diverse set of geo-locations, so you can find the one offering the least latency for your Tezos mainnet interactions.

Tezos testnet

Chainstack gives Tezos developers the opportunity to launch a Tezos testnet node just as well, so you can finalize all the details of your Web3 project prior to publishing it live on production. Currently, the Chainstack platform supports all Tezos testnet networks, presenting you with an appropriate range of options, when connecting to the Tezos testnet that you want to work with.

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Tezos RPC

Deploying robust Tezos RPC infrastructure to match the requirements of your Web3 is a seamless process with Chainstack.

The Tezos RPC or remote procedure call is the main means of interacting with the network, enabling you to perform procedures or subroutines as they are also known, with little need to put the details of your remote interactions in code explicitly.

Tezos RPC methods

The Chainstack platform gives Tezos developers the full range of Tezos RPC methods that are available to developers on the protocol.

Thanks to this, you will encounter no obstacle when making use of any means necessary to interact with Tezos smart contracts both quickly and securely. As a Tezos builder, you will have the chance to leverage all Tezos RPC methods you will ever need to turn your Web3 project into reality.


While using the Chainstack platform for deployment, you will have the option to choose your preferred method for connecting – whether by HTTPS, or a WebSocket endpoint.

Fetching the overview of your Tezos RPC API endpoint is just as straightforward – the only steps you need to take are to click on a deployed Tezos node to display its details and then pick the connection method you want to use – secured with appropriate credentials, or unsecured by means of public access.