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Supply chain start up in the spotlight – Chainstack

Chainstack was a featured Start Up by the Supply Chain Movement.

24 Jan, 2019

Singapore Kubernetes Meetup

Alex, our Dev Lead, gave a talk on Helm at the monthly Singapore Kubernetes Meetup. He discussed its capabilities, risks, and alternatives. He also shared his experience with using the Helm package manager and provided several tips.

1 Jan, 2019

Trade Finance Podcast Episode #1: How To Accelerate Enterprise Adoption Of Blockchain – Eugene Aseev, Chainstack

CTO Eugene Aseev was featured as a guest in the first episode of β€œThe Real DL.T” a podcast by Trade Finance market.

27 Dec, 2018

Hyperledger Global Forum

Eugene represented Chainstack at the Hyperledger Global Forum. He had the privilege of listening to professionals at the cutting edge of protocol engineering and real-world use cases.

12 Dec, 2018

BlockShow 2018

BlockShow Spotlight: Chainstack Simplifying Adoption of Blockchain for Enterprises. Eugene Tay from BlockShow interviews Eugene Aseev (CTO), Chainstack.

21 Dec, 2018

Crypto Explorers

Chainstack hosted the first Crypto Explorers event in Asia-Pacific. Eugene shared his experience with building DLT-based products and thoughts on the decentralization of business processes. He was accompanied by thought leaders from Zilliqa, Maecenas, Carousell, Indorse, and other companies in the Singapore ecosystem.

26 Nov, 2018
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