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Venly allows you to easily integrate your app with several blockchains, whether you already have an app integrated with Web3 or are building a new application from scratch. Being a blockchain agnostic tech provider and preferred partner of Polygon and Binance Smart Chain they offer the following solutions.

Venly Wallet

Venly Widget is a Javascript SDK specifically designed to perform common blockchain tasks: address and wallet management, balance retrievals and token transfers, and more: check the method specification to see if this solution fits your needs.

Venly white-labeled API solution allows getting more control and leeway over wallets, gas allocation, and transaction analytics. Find out more about white-labeled API solution here.

Venly NFT tools

Venly offers an NFT management solution that is easy to integrate with gaming projects in Web3. Its users can monetize digital game assets with NFTs on Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and other protocols in minutes.

Get yourself started fast with tutorials that explain how to integrate a Unity plugin in your gaming project and use their NFT minting API.

Venly NFT marketplace

Mint and sell your NFTs on the Venly Market. With 75k+ active users on Venly Market and Wallet services, you can feature your game in a fast-growing network of users, or get access to rare collectibles of digital art. Find out more about Venly Market here.

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