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Developer    Venly
Category Developer tools Chains and networks Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and other protocols Learn more Documentation

Venly provides a number of APIs and libraries to make your blockchain experience smooth:

  • Venly widget — a widget for your Web3 app that allows you to create wallets, create fungible and non-fungible tokens, and interact with smart contracts. See also Widget.
  • Venly wallet — an API solution for asset management. See also Wallet API.
  • Venly market — an API solution for NFT marketplace. See also Market API.
  • Venly NFT — an API solution to manage NFTs. See also NFT API.

Use with Chainstack

  1. Deploy a node on the protocol network that you need on Chainstack.
  2. Integrate the deployed node’s endpoint in your Venly solution.

Get started with Venly

Get in touch to start using Venly on Chainstack.