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Without Polywrap

Unlike in Web2, where the application logic is handled by centralized servers and through API requests, the Web3 DApps carry out the complex logic themselves.

Whereas a Web2 application only has to send an API request to a server, a Web3 DApp needs to serialize inputs, upload to IPFS, and transact with multiple smart contracts.

Web3 DApps majorly use JavaScript wrappers to handle the DApp logic. JavaScript wrappers, in turn, steeply increase the integration complexities as they lack standardization, make the DApps heavy, and are not language agnostic.

With Polywrap

Polywrap brings in the integration standard that makes it as easy as Web2. Polywrap makes any DApp capable of executing complex logic in runtime.

Instead of using JavaScript wrappers, DApps only need the Polywrap client. A Polywrap client, integrated in a DApp, downloads lightweight WebAssembly modules from IPFS. The downloaded modules then execute requests directly inside the DApp. The modules are maintained on IPFS by the project teams behind them.

The full benefits of Polywrap are numerous and many of them are yet to be explored.

The following benefits are immediate and the most obvious:

  • Multiplatform — Web3 platforms can easily communicate with each other.
  • Hyper-composable — An almost infinite number of Web3 protocols can be composed in a DApp without bloating up the DApp.
  • Evolution — Evolve existing protocols by publishing custom extensions.
  • Dynamic — DApps do not require rebuilds.

Use with Chainstack

  • Deploy dedicated Ethereum, Polygon PoS, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, or Tezos nodes on Chainstack.
  • Consult with the Polywrap documentation to build your Polywrap library that interacts with a smart contract.

Get started with Polywrap

Get in touch to start using Polywrap on Chainstack.