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Off-chain services required to develop, package and run enterprise-class decentralized applications.

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While blockchain is at the core of a decentralized application, it represents only a fraction of the development effort needed to deliver the overall solution. Beyond the blockchain ledger and the smart contracts, a lot of off-chain components and features have to be combined to create a blockchain-based enterprise-class decentralized application: user management, workflows, orchestration, data management, interactions with the blockchain framework, integration with other systems, user interface, API, and more.

Typically, developers have been building such applications by assembling open source and/or commercial components and gluing them together with custom code – making it a complex and time consuming endeavor that requires a lot of development and testing.
Thanks to Platform 6’ comprehensive set of tools, services and features, developers are able to build transactional decentralized applications in days or weeks instead of months.

If you are about to start developing such an app, all you need to do is:

  • pick your preferred blockchain framework
  • develop your smart contracts
  • leverage Platform 6 to build the off-chain part of your application

Once done, Platform 6 will allow you to easily package your app (creating a signed and encrypted file containing all your resources).

And a packaged app can be installed on one to multiple instances of Platform 6 instance in a snap.

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