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Covalent Multi-chain Balances API

Developer    Covalent

100,000 included Credits, 50 RPS


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Category Developer tools Chains and networks BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon Learn more Get token balances for address

Introducing Covalent’s Balances Endpoint – the one-stop solution for efficient, reliable balance and token data retrieval.

Are your API calls overly complex, costly, and time-consuming? With Covalent’s Balances Endpoint, eliminate unnecessary requests and fetch all token and NFT balances, contract metadata, and prices for any wallet in just one API call.

The Premium Balances Endpoint provides a high-speed solution for applications operating on Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, and Polygon. This superior version handles up to 50 Requests Per Second (RPS), allowing for rapid, efficient data retrieval of all token and NFT balances, contract metadata, and prices in a single API call.

Whether your priority is speed with specific chain compatibility or extensive multi-chain support, Covalent’s Balances Endpoint provides a powerful solution that perfectly aligns with your blockchain data needs.

The Multi-chain Balances API package allows you access to all of Covalent’s Premium benefits! Check them out.

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