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Developer    Game Space
Category Services Chains and networks Ethereum; Polygon; BNB Smart Chain; Learn more Documentation Terms of services

Game Space provides a one-stop GameFi as a Service platform for AAA gaming studios and titles to step into the GameFi world: After a simple transformation, Gaming Studios only need to embed a series of SDKs provided by Game Space to quickly have their game transitioned to Web3.

Game Space is the first and largest (GameFi-as-a-Service) platform on the market helping Web2 games quickly and easily transform to Web3 in less than 7 days. GaaS SDK provide an in-game NFT marketplace, the ability to deploy on multiple chains, accept multi-currencies, fiat on-ramp for Web2 users, and so much more! Moreover, project utilizing the SDK will also have access to Game Space’s 100k+ user base who are always looking for the next game to play!

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