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Traditional programming languages do not automatically isolate the business logic from the system code. Without a clean separation, developers interweave infrastructure code within their business application, resulting in fragile solutions that lack interoperability and portability.

DAML provides everything you need to develop, test, and ship the ambitious applications you thought were years away.

A radically simpler architecture allows your team to focus on business logic, not boilerplate, delivering more differentiated features to your customers faster.

  • Rapid time to market: Describe the behavior of your application in an easy to read and write smart-contract language, and let DAML take care of infrastructure and integrations.
  • Interoperability: Seamlessly interoperate and execute atomic transactions with other networks using DAML.
  • Ledger portability: Never worry about platform lock-in again. DAML applications are completely portable without any changes on multiple persistence layers (blockchain or database).
  • Automate businesses processes with rights, obligations, and fine-grained authorization built into the language, accelerating development of your organization’s single source of truth.

Create new opportunities with a privacy by design framework. DAML ensures data is only visible to those who have a right to see the data including blinding transactions from the network operator for platforms that support this capability.

Use with Chainstack

  1. Deploy a Corda network on Chainstack.
  2. Follow the DAML documentation to build your DAML application.

See also a sample walkthrough from DAML: Porting Chainstack’s `No Ticket Scalping` CorDapp to Daml for Corda.

Get started with DAML

Get in touch to start using DAML on Chainstack.