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Open source DeFi features on public Corda Network.

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What is XKD?

XKD is the first regulatory and environmentally friendly, finance-grade, enterprise-ready digital currency. Governed by the Cordite Society Limited, a co-operative society registered in the UK, providing the leading onshore decentralized finance (DeFi) legal structure. The XKD white paper can be found on the Cordite Society Limited website.

XKD has been released onto the public Corda Network, a publicly available internet of Corda nodes operated by network participants. Any legal entity operating a Cordite node on the public Corda Network is a member of the co-operative.

What is Cordite?

Cordite is an open-source project creating open-source DeFi features for Corda. Cordite continues to make leading-edge features available to the Corda community.

Cordite provides decentralized economic and governance services including:

Decentralized stores and transfers of value allowing new financial instruments to be created inside the existing regulatory framework. eg. tokens, crypto-coins, digital cash, virtual currency, distributed fees, micro-billing.

Decentralized forms of governance allowing new digital autonomous organizations to be created using existing legal entities eg. digital mutual societies or digital joint-stock companies.

Decentralized consensus in order to remove the need for a central operator, owner or authority. Allowing Cordite to be more resilient, cheaper, agile and private than incumbent market infrastructure.

Use with Chainstack

  1. Deploy a Corda node to Corda Network on Chainstack.
  2. Click Get started on this page and specify the Corda node ID for the Cordite node to be configured.

Get started with Cordite XKD

Get in touch to start using Cordite XKD on Chainstack.

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