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Developer    BlueShell Pte. LTD.
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BlueShell provides a chain-agnostic API that make it easy to detect phishing links and fake Twitter and OpenSea pages keeping your web3 experience safe.

BlueShell API is used by developers to integrate a layer of security to their blockchain solutions. The added layer of security provides additional protection when navigating the web3 space by identifying potential scams and malicious links.

All you need to provide is a URL and the API will verify whether it’s safe or a potential threat. The solution is available for Wallets: Integrate the API to your blockchain wallet and access the extensive power of BlueShell in detecting potential frauds and scams.

Use with Chainstack:

Integrate BlueShell API with your connected Chainstack node.
  1. Deploy an Ethereum or Solana node on Chainstack.
  2. View node access and credentials to get your endpoint.
  3. Check out the BlueShell’s full API documentation to integrate and make your first request with a URL.

Get started with BlueShell

Get in touch to start using BlueShell on Chainstack.