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Chainstack is quite innovative in its vision about how the enterprise will use blockchain going forward. Being multi-cloud and multi-protocol will give Fortune 500 and their partners the single panel they need to manage frequent and large blockchain deployments in heterogeneous environments.

Akihiko Katayama

The applications being developed on Corda by our ecosystem are some of the most innovative enterprise blockchain solutions in the world ... Chainstack’s managed Corda service will enable more efficient access to our platform and we look forward to the working developments to come from this.

Todd McDonald

CPO and Co-founder
Chainstack is the fastest way to deploy blockchains in multi-cloud and multi-protocol environments. It empowers Fujitsu to rapidly build, deploy, and manage innovative solutions using blockchains.

Jang Thye Cheng

Chief Architect
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Run a secure Corda network on reliable infrastructure

Deploy your own compatibility zone in a few clicks, complete with NMS, doorman, and notary.

Don’t worry about maintenance or uptime, your network is fast, immediately accessible and always ready to play.

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World-class players as industry and technical partners

How to join the Corda Network

Deploy and manage high-performing Corda nodes that run on secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure.

Participate in one of the fastest growing, distributed business networks flexibly and with predictable pricing.

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Multi-chain by design
Globally distributed
Affordable and transparent pricing

Multi-chain by design

Chainstack is a single point of access for all your blockchain projects across any protocol. Deploy a node to a public network or create a consortium network in just a few clicks.

The hard way vs. the Chainstack way
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