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Build better with Filecoin nodes

Run high-performing Filecoin Virtual Machine RPC nodes in minutes on a platform built for scale.

Reliable Filecoin Calibration Testnet infrastructure

Chainstack makes sure you get access to robust and scalable infrastructure, ready for your Filecoin journey, in a matter of minutes.

We take away the burden of managing it so that you can instantly focus on building and exploring data on Filecoin Virtual Machine.

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Start fast with elastic Filecoin Virtual Machine RPC nodes

Elastic Filecoin Virtual Machine RPC nodes provide personal, geographically diverse, and protected API endpoints you can immediately start using to interact with the Filecoin Virtual Machine Calibration testnet, starting at $0 per month.

Chainstack elastic Filecoin RPC nodes

  • No rate limiting or throttling
  • Near-instant deployment
  • Secure HTTP and WebSocket APIs

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We accept payments in cryptocurrencies for Filecoin RPC nodes. Learn more

Chainstack Marketplace

Chainstack is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Filecoin ecosystem: tools, apps, and services that you use every day to build your applications or amplify returns.

We work closely with developers and the Filecoin community to ensure seamless integration for our end users.

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Notes for Filecoin API

When communicating with a Filecoin Virtual Machine RPC node, the FVM client implements a JSON-RPC specification, a communication protocol allowing one to make remote calls and execute them as if they were made locally.