What does it take to solve hard problems, to tackle complexity head on so that the end user experience is one of delight?
We think it boils down to a relentless focus on the essentials, keeping the user in mind at all times, and creating a cohesive culture. At Chainstack, we are on a mission to make the complexity around blockchain adoption a thing of the past.
Whether it’s an enterprise looking to leverage the manifold benefits of blockchain technology or an individual developer looking for an easy way to deploy nodes, Chainstack’s aim is to abstract the complexity behind blockchain deployments. With this done, our community of users can focus on developing powerful business logic and DApps instead of being constrained by cloud and protocol specific limitations.
Alex Khaerov
Eugene Aseev
Ashlie Chin
Anton Larkin
Laurent Dedenis
Dmitry Fontanov
Aleksey Drozdov
Phap Dieu Duong
Misha Novozhilov
Zaid Mahomedy
Santosh SN
Sergei Beloussov
Self-made Entrepreneur
Senior Partner at Runa Capital Venture fund
Lukas Hertig
Serial Entrepreneur
Senior Vice-President
at Plesk
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