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23 Oct

Run CorDapps in minutes

Create and join consortium networks based on Corda with easy onboarding and intuitive CorDapp management.

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Jang Thye Cheng

Chief Architect
“Chainstack is the fastest way to deploy blockchains in multi-cloud and multi-protocol environments. It empowers Fujitsu to rapidly build, deploy, and manage innovative solutions using blockchains.”

Benjamin Bertelsen

Blockchain Consultant
“We used Chainstack for a PoC and it worked smoothly.”

Akihiko Katayama

“Chainstack is quite innovative in its vision about how the enterprise will use blockchain going forward. Being multi-cloud and multi-protocol will give Fortune 500 and their partners the single panel they need to manage frequent and large blockchain deployments in heterogeneous environments.”

Recommended by developers

Rahul Bishnoi

Blockchain Engineer
“Great UI and UX, and easy on-boarding.”

Elton Martins

“Chainstack is amazing.”

Solomon Lederer

“Very cool service you have built.”

Consortium blockchain management

The hard way* vs the Chainstack way

Experiment in a local test environment

  • Read multiple blog posts on how to set up a protocol in your local environment
  • Set up environment via terminal
  • Install Git and Docker
  • Set up the blockchain protocol:
    • Clone protocol binaries to local environment
    • Download various dependencies
    • Configure global blockchain parameters
    • Generate key material
    • Create nodes locally
  • Troubleshoot on online forums for issues related to the custom local environment with various versions of applications running
  • Deploy to private or public cloud infrastructure
    • Review cloud provider documentation and install specific CLI tools
    • Review Docker documentation and install Docker
    • Review Kubernetes documentation and install kubectl
    • Review protocol documentation and clone protocol binaries to cloud environment via terminal
    • Configure general protocol settings
    • Generate key material
    • Build Docker image file containing specific protocol
    • Create container service on cloud environment
    • Push image to cloud registry
    • Deploy image on Kubernetes cluster
    • Configure port details for each member that requires access to the application
    • Manage each additional member with access to the consortium project manually
    • Troubleshoot on online forums and by reaching out to specific hosting providers for resource allocation
Time taken: several hours to days
It doesn’t end here. Continuously monitor and adjust resources, upgrade tooling, implement patches, add or remove nodes manually.
* Only for illustration purposes

Deploy in a choice of enterprise-grade production environments

  • Create a project on Chainstack
  • Invite others to join the project
  • Choose a protocol
  • Specify a deployment option
  • Create a network and nodes

That’s it!

Time taken: less than 10 mins
What’s more:
  • Connect to the blockchain node’s secured API
  • Get immediate access to the blockchain explorer
  • Scale up on additional networks, nodes, members in a few clicks
  • Start building smart contracts and DApps right away

Get simple

Blockchains are complex enough. Managing them doesn’t have to be.

Chainstack presents a single pane of glass view of all your blockchain projects across protocols. Want to join a public network like Ethereum? A few clicks—that’s all. Want to start a consortium project? Once again, a few clicks is all it takes.

In short, Chainstack presents a simple but powerful user interface that abstracts away the complexity of spinning up new blockchain networks. And for developers, Chainstack offers native APIs that help to go further than just launching a blockchain node.

More protocols coming soon

Be agile

Choose your type of deployment.
No cloud lock-in.

Chainstack offers versatility not just in the choice of protocols, but also in the matter of deployment options. Deploy on cloud or in a hybrid environment? Check. Move data from one deployment environment to another? Check again; it’s as simple as launching a network on the new deployment environment and getting rid of the former.

Choice is at the core of what we provide our customers. Because it’s only when you are no longer restricted by technology lock-ins, can you be truly agile.

Go fast

Ever experienced the long waiting time just to synchronize an ever-growing Ethereum node? Not with Chainstack.

Chainstack takes care of all the DevOps complexity and gets you on a blockchain in minutes. Chainstack also makes the steep learning curve around blockchain protocols a thing of the past. Go build world-changing DApps across not one but multiple protocols, while Chainstack takes care of everything that’s behind the scenes.

The answer to ‘No one size fits all’

Experiment with ease and quickly find out what works best.

Enterprise-grade security
How secure are your node connections? How safe are your keys? How can you safely manage members on a blockchain project?

Anyone working with blockchains must deal with these tough questions before embarking on a project.

On Chainstack, fine-grained security controls ensure that users can transact safely across the stack–from platform access via website and storage of keys right up to secure node connections.
Optimized collaboration
The power of blockchain is in its network effects, and network effects come from improved collaboration.

Chainstack makes it easy and secure to invite members to your project and improve collaboration among a large number of participants. In a few clicks, you can start building your consortium project and invite partners, suppliers, or even internal teams. Blockchain promises a paradigm shift in the way collaboration has been viewed until now, and Chainstack offers a robust tool to take part in this paradigm shift.
Freedom to choose the right solutions
You need to have the choice to build and deploy on multiple blockchain protocols. Simply because when it comes to working with blockchains, there’s no ‘one size fits all.’

Depending on the use case, protocol and consensus considerations may vary. Which is why you need a control panel like Chainstack’s that provides you with multiple options and allows you to quickly switch gears when new use cases need to be implemented.
Flexibility to deploy anywhere
We all have deployment preferences, and we respect that.

Chainstack supports deployments on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, among others. We also provide support for hybrid environments giving you complete control over where to deploy your solution. Chainstack offers a variety of regional choices in deployments as well so that your cross-border blockchain network can benefit from proximity to public or private cloud data centers.


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