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The limitless Web3 development stack

Every blockchain. Every API. Every tool. To build applications for every scale.

Blockchain Nodes
Pay with Crypto
App Marketplace
Web3 Data APIs
IPFS Storage

10,000+ success stories stacked & counting

Unlimiting the ways of Web3

Break free from artificial limits. Break free from unpredictable billing and hidden costs when all you want to do is to build more, build bigger, build better. Break free from how you’ve done Web3 so far.

Average platform throughput 5 Billion+ API requests per day

Averaged across all users over the last 30 days.
And it doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Best throughput
Get the best when you need it most, enjoy the highest throughput in the industry, built to handle highload.
No daily request limits
No limits on the number or type of requests your DApp can make every day.
1 API call = 1 request
No method-specific fees. Just simple & transparent pricing for predictable billing.
Pay with your favorite crypto tokens

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Pay and top up your account with any of your favorite crypto tokens to manage your subscription.

100K+ Developers
20K+ Active Nodes
12 Global Data Centers
99.99 %

That’s not just RPS.

Performance is more than just the 0 to 60 numbers on a shiny new car. Performance is reliability. It is security. It is having the best return on your investment with a long and far-reaching view of the runway.

Reliability Always on.
Always available.

A globally distributed load-balanced architecture with realtime adaptive fault-tolerance delivers the most reliable service in the industry with 99.99%+ uptime.

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Security Enterprise-grade
security for all

MFA enforcement, cross-layer & in-transit encryption, and transparent identity & access management to keep your code & data protected 24 * 7

Shielding your stack with

See how we keep you secure

Extensibility Extend your apps with a bustling Marketplace

A growing range of third-party tools and integrations to enrich your apps with new features, speed up time to market and deliver better experiences.

Stack it up with these and more

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Your stack.
Your way.

Core stack
Multi-chain by design

An ever-growing portfolio of blockchains, with more protocols added regularly, ensures that you never run out of possibilities when building cross-chain applications.

Elastic Nodes

The world’s most resilient Web3 API gets your apps up & running on any blockchain at the speed of thought.

See them in action

Dedicated Nodes

Your own bespoke Web3 development setup unrestrained by computation, storage, and per-request billing.

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Blockchains custom-tailored to power your app’s operations exclusively deliver limitless performance & scale.

Build your stack on

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Innovate and develop your apps safely and cost-free with made-for-Web3 faucets that drip 0.5 ETH every day.

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Data stack
Chainstack Subgraphs. 10x faster blockchain data.

An enterprise-grade data-access solution—100% compatible with The Graph protocol—lets you index and query blockchain, appchain, and smart-contract data at up to 10x the speed of the competition.

Stack it like


Mint. Search. Fetch. A full NFT lifecycle solution that delivers realtime updates helping you manage it all with ease.

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An intelligent API that provides fast, reliable, and up to date low-code gateway to query DeFi data.

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Cloud stack
Chainstack Cloud. For zero rainy days.

The apex Web3 hosting solution. A fully custom infrastructure delivers lightning-fast speeds with near-zero latency to shrug off even the most challenging network loads.

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A cloud of your choice

The widest selection of managed cloud services provides maximal control over how your nodes are deployed.

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A location of your choice

From Tokyo to Oregon, a global array helps you pin-point & deploy your nodes exactly where your users are.

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Hybrid Cloud

Bring Chainstack home. Hybrid Cloud helps you deploy & manage dedicated nodes on-prem for the best in both, control and convenience, without having to set things up all by yourself.

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Private Networking

Do away with all the extra layers between your app and your nodes. Private Networking slashes latency and improves response times for your applications running on AWS.

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Storage stack
Truly decentralized IPFS Storage

A natural-feeling drag-n’-drop UI and a truly decentralized IPFS API that is fully S3 compatible provide the fastest and easiest workflow for rapid Web3 file storage & retrieval.

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Pricing to empower
you at every scale

No method-specific fees. No second-guessing your budget. Go from MVP to your next billion users with the simplest pricing in all of Web3.

Put us to the test with this pricing comparison tool

1 method call = 1 request
1 eth_blockNumber
1 request
1 eth_getBlockReceipts
also 1 request
1 trace_replayTransaction
still 1 request
It’s that simple
1 Elastic Full Node request
1 RU
1 Elastic Archive Node request
2 RUs

* RU = Request Unit

Free forever

The fastest way to go from zero to MVP in Web3


with up to

3 Million Request Units

Stack it like

The enabler

Take your MVP live with your first customers


with up to

20 Million Request Units

Stack it like

Most popular

Prepare your app for your First Billion Users


with up to

140 Million Request Units

Stack it like

The All-Mighty

Limitless customization and bespoke setup


— starting from —

400 Million Request Units

Stack it like

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Customer Stories


Empowering access to real-time data across multiple networks, ensuring accurate information and a seamless UX.

ApeX Pro

Enhancing decentralized trading with StarkEx for secure, reliable, and autonomous DeFi transactions.


Balancing the heavy network load of breakneck social gaming interactions on-chain with an adaptive BNB setup.


Making recurring multi-chain billing and payment links accessible.


Eldarune successfully tackled multichain performance bottlenecks for a superior AI-driven Web3 gaming experience.
Ain’t no time like the present. Ready to get started?